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Make $REALM work for you. Stake your tokens and earn rare, exclusive, and collectible in-game NFTs. Use them in Realm, or trade on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Meet NFTrade

Our Portal Mining Event is coming. Next week, you’ll able to stake your $REALM to buy a Realm Portal.

Two Steps Forward: The Inclusive Realm Land Model

#1: Make Land Accessible

The Metaverse should be accessible, allowing creativity and adoption to flourish freely.

The Realm team has been listening and is aware that an expanded liquidity will help the token price appreciate.

Realm decided they would add $195K liquidity—and now our pre-sale investors have asked if they can contribute, too.

The total liquidity now being added is $540k, and much more to come—we’re doing a major liquidity addition.

To ensure we continue to see $REALM pass the moon for you, we will be opening up a community liquidity program. More details to come soon.


What was once dark exploded in light.
What was once lifeless breathed.
What was once darkness became Realm.

The Birth of Realm

Ethereum ticked on. Block after block, cycle after cycle, calculation after calculation in perfect balance. Ethereum was an irrefutable chain, unbreakable, undeniable in its mathematical beauty. …

We’re over the moon — and going to the moon! Are you ready? Today’s the day: $REALM launches on Polkastarter!

Gleam winners and Polychain Monster winners who paid will be airdropped their tokens. IG winners, we are confirming your process now and will give directions very shortly.

Please take the time to read these guidelines carefully. In order to claim your IDO spot, these steps must be followed. These guidelines are for Uniphoenix holders only.

Guidelines For Realm Uniphoenix Holders

VERY IMPORTANT! Please read these guidelines carefully. These steps must be followed in order to claim your IDO spot.

  • Realm…

We want to know what you’re thinking — and what type of realms you want to create.

Below are the top 10 microverse ideas based on Tweeters who responded to Polychain Monsters’ tweet.

Would you play in these microverses?

#1. Capture and fight!

#2. NSFW

#3. CRO x Realm Pub

#4. Hello, Harry Potter? Are you there?

#5. Super power animals and rides on the Uniphoenix

#6. Mother Earth’s BFF



Community Telegram



Email address = HELLO@REALM.ART

In an effort to reward our community for sharing accurate information and being kind to each other, we are making some changes in our Telegram and Discord communities.

  • Admins are from the core team
  • Moderators are our extended team
  • Realmies are community members who positively contribute to the community

Admins and Moderators can award reputation points to the community members.

Top 30 Community Members

#1 — Give Us That Beautiful, Fun, & Weird Game!

Hdris and skyboxes! These two things are an essential part of the game making process. Nobody wants a blue sky and grey floor in the distance. We want mountains, trees, rocks!

As part of our Polkastarter IDO Whitelist activities, we’re launching a Telegram sticker contest!


Learn about our Whitelisting For $Realm Token IDO On Polkastarter

Learn more about how to participate in a Polkastarter IDO

Submission Deadline: 10 SEP 11:00 PM UTC


  • Three IDO whitelist spot for the top three winners


  • Stickers must contain the Realm logo and feel free to use anything else in this Google drive!
  • The Realm logo cannot be edited/hidden/covered/disfigured
  • Submissions violating the above rules won’t…


Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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