A New Way To Showcase Your NFTs

4 min readJul 2, 2021


Realm gallery prototype

How you view, listen to, and experience NFTs is about to change. In the coming weeks — as Realm is populated by its community and the first Metaverses created — how artists and creators showcase their NFTs will never be the same again.

To visualise how much Realm is challenging the existing NFT market, imagine the exquisite smile of the Mona Lisa hanging anywhere else but the exalted walls of the Louvre museum in Paris. Take the abstract impressionism of Jackson Pollock’s Number 5 and view it anywhere else but MOMA would be to diminish the genius, dilute the creation, and remove the magic. The great museums and galleries which house the masterpieces of physical reality are as beautiful and mesmerizing as the art they contain. The same is now a reality for digital art.

Take Andy Warhol’s ‘Marilyn Monroe’, housed in the marble-floored wonder of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain, as an example. To view it you have to enter a palace of modernist architecture and take a spiral staircase which revolves around open vaulted ceilings. A domed skylight illuminates the internal universe like a shooting star brightens the night sky. Any artist knows that context is almost as important as content. The Guggenheim knows this. Andy Warhol knew this. At Realm, we understand this.

The creativity which you put into your NFT should be mirrored in the gallery, exhibition, concert hall or ‘space’ where they are viewed, bought, or listened to. That is why we made the tools so you can build the realms. From the outer rings of Neptune to an underwater gallery or the hanging gardens of your own Babylon. This is where NFTs should be experienced. This is where they will be experienced.

NFTs For Everyone

In our efforts to open the world of NFTs to everyone, we are adamant that presentation is the logical progression for the evolution of the Metaverse and the evolution of the art and content which will populate it. With simple Metaverse templates and the intuitive and decentralised Godot game engine, at Realm we are challenging not only the existing structure of how you showcase NFTs, but how they are created.

We want to spark your emotions, heighten your senses, and open your eyes and minds to what is possible.

Cyberpunk Template prototype. The Cyberpunk Template is one of the many templates available for players looking to quickly pop up their realm. Little to no coding experience is needed to use the templates.

What is possible in Realm?

Whereas the galleries of the traditional art world are made of marble, concrete and steel, the Realm Metaverse and NFTs which make it are limited by no such physical constraints. You have ultimate freedom to showcase your NFTs in whatever creative way you wish.

Are you an artist? Then hang your creations in the ancient alien ruins on the rings of Saturn. Take your pirate NFTs and adorn the sunken hull of a one great galleon, the spiky, sharp edges of your NFT standing out against the tropical fish and hidden treasure. How about the surface of the moon, the insides of a volcano, the flora and fauna of an Amazonian garden or the industrial chaos of an electric car yard?

Music and audio NFTs

It goes further. Music and audio are vital parts of the Metaverse and powerful NFTs in their own right. If you are a musician, play your songs to enchanted ears in space, a stadium, an intimate café. Create your own stage, invite your friends and be part of the future of NFTs and the Metaverse. The realms you create are immersive, interactive, and alive.

Another Realm prototype

Why is Realm different?

Unlike current Metaverse platforms which are reliant on Voxel graphics, your realms can be low-poly, life-like, 2D or 3D. If music is your preferred medium, build a realm where the only sensory stimulus is sound.

Furthermore, most NFT marketplaces are bland affairs; static, mundane platforms with long lists of NFTs sitting opaque against a white background. They look like Amazon or eBay: A Craigslist for art. This is contrary to the vision and creativity of those who design and create NFTs; it goes against the mindset of musicians and writers, artists and content creators like you.

Over to you

The way NFTs are showcased, bought and sold will never be the same again. More fans, artists, gamers and musicians will be entering the sphere by the day. They will be looking for the next Beeple, Trevorjonesart, Xcopy or Grimes. They will be Using $REALM, the primary utility token of the Realm universe, to buy, invest and, using API connected to the OpenSea marketplace, trade NFTs.

They will be looking for you. So what will your realm gallery look like? Sound like? Feel like?

Realm is expected to launch July 2021. For now, join us on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram for updates, drops, and read our white paper to find out more.