Dev Log #30: Builder Tools, Mini-games, The Mixtape

3 min readJun 3, 2022


This Week at Realm

Dev Log #30 — what a milestone! And speaking of milestones… That’s right, our Beta launch is in just 18 days!! We hope you can join us at our NFT.NYC pop-up with Oseanworld to enjoy some pizza and games together. Keep an eye out for more event details!

If you’ve been keeping up with us on social media this week you have probably seen our Pre-Launch Gleam Land Giveaway — enter before Monday at 12 am GMT for chance to win some land in the metaverse! This week we also released a newsletter on Tuesday and hosted our Weekly Founders AMA on Wednesday. Also, builder tools are officially in alpha, so don’t forget to sign up! Finally, make sure you sign up for Beta by entering your email on the landing page of our website.

Now onto the Dev Logs…

Builder Tools: Explore your creations!

Builder Tools have just entered alpha, and the first round of testers will be added very shortly! In preparation for these testers, this week we’ve finalised some major developments linking between the builder tools and the mobile apps. It’s now possible to not only build your world and explore it on desktop, but also to create your world and publish it for players to explore in-app!

Not only that, but you can link your portal to the realm as well — check it out in the video above! Once builder tools are released to the public, this feature will be incredibly important for users to share their realms with their friends. Not only will you be able to create your dream world, but you will also be able to link it to a portal so your friends (and random players) can enjoy your creation!

3, 2, 1, GO!

Racing just got competitive… This week we have been getting the nuts and bolts of matches polished for use in any mini-game involving competitive courses. This includes defining checkpoints, the start and end of a match, the laps, the position, and of course displaying all of this on a leaderboard. As you can see in the racing video above, there is now a tracker that shows which lap you are on, which place you are in, and how fast you are going! Will you rise to the top of the leaderboards?

The Mixtape

We’re not going to say too much about this for now — it’ll make an appearance in the quests available in the Beta launch… For now, just appreciate the retro-future aesthetic that our awesome art team has created!

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

See you in the Metaverse,



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