Devlog #102: NODEvember — The Crescent Ring

3 min readNov 28, 2023

Welcome to the 102nd Realm Devlog!

As winter draws in we’ve been focussing down on achieving our roadmap as well as making significant plans for marketing and growth strategies in the coming months.

Exciting things await on the horizon for our creative community and players alike, with new Anti-Grav Jump pads, HOVR freeriding and creator rewards all being worked on as we speak!

To catch up with the founders and discuss what’s in store be sure to tune in to the AMA on Wednesday 29th November!

Now, lets check out the dev:

NODEvember: Procedural Generation and Textures

Check out the progress we’ve made in the Crescent Ring in this awesome video:

We’re now at the stage where we’re introducing textured elements into the game engine to breathe life into this world. Have you noticed the glowing geodesic domes? That’s where you’ll find the Crescent Realms, and players who own land will be able to populate them with their own models. Additionally, we’ve updated the asteroid field, spreading it out more vertically. You might spot a couple of strategically located anti-grav pads in the distance, allowing players to jump right to the top.

“NODEvember” is coming to an end, and we’ve steadily added more ingredients to our procedural cauldron. The node setup we shared in Devlog #100 has been rebuilt from scratch to ensure clean UV maps, avoiding long narrow polygons that often result in faulty normals in the engine. Moreover, we’ve made sure that large numbers of instanced objects can be exported as separate meshes while retaining their custom scale and rotation information. This enables us to convert them into multimeshes inside of Godot, significantly reducing drawcalls — a critical aspect for optimal performance, especially as we start populating this vast realm.

By the way, we’ve been spending time incorporating more procedural workflows into our repertoire for a reason. If you’ve been following our recent announcements, you’ll have seen our roadmap for the coming months. One epic task looming on the horizon is the Belt, consisting of 64 clusters with 64 portals each. This will be our most ambitious set of realms yet. While we continue working on the Crescent, in the background, we’re developing and testing procedural methods to create variety and complexity for the outermost ring.

For now, check out the clip of the Crescent Ring — it promises to be an exhilarating experience! Picture yourself navigating the walkways, asteroids, and anti-grav pads from every conceivable angle, or darting along the fast lane towards the next crescent realm. We literally cannot wait for everyone to jump into this epic space of fun and creativity.

We hope you are as excited as us about the progress in developing the Crescent and if would like to play around with noise based procedural generation yourselves then just jump into our builder tool and check out the terrain creator. It’s pretty fun!

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