Devlog #106 —Neoclassical Crescents!

3 min readJan 16, 2024

Hi there and welcome to Devlog 106, where we will be taking another dive into the world of Realm development.

As we mentioned in the last AMA we’re wrapping up some chunky builder tool releases, including Anti-Grav pads, Custom matchmaking, laser drones, animated adversaries and more! You can listen back to the latest AMA with the founders here.

Now, lets get stuck into an absolutely awesome update on the construction of the crescent land parcels for holders!

Classical Crescents

Nestled within the futuristic world of the Metropolis, we aimed to infuse a touch of grandeur into the Crescents. To achieve this, we are working with ancient references, meticulously recreating classical elements and intricate ornamentations like Corinthian columns, balustrades, and cornice profiles. Our vision isn’t to replicate an ancient city block; instead, we wanted to superimpose these classical features onto our futuristic level design to create an exciting fusion of the old and the new. You will find these details all over the map in various states of deconstruction, resulting in an exciting and surreal environment.

The addition of ornate details presents its own set of challenges, considering a single high-poly model of the Corinthian column exceeds the combined vertex count of the entire Metropolis plaza and court model! To achieve this grandeur we need to ensure that multiple instances can be placed across the Crescent realms by baking ambient occlusion and normal maps from the high-poly models. The texture maps are then combined on trim sheets, allowing us to reuse them across different elements. This streamlines the draw call count and therefore significantly enhances overall performance.

Together with an abundance of foliage and the integration of the custom player models linked via URL, the Crescents will look and feel fantastic.

Check it out here!

We hope you are as excited as us about the progress of the Crescents, and wish you all a very merry Christmas with your loved ones!

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