Devlog #105 — Respawn Colliders & Custom Platforms!

4 min readJan 9, 2024


Hi Realmers, welcome the first Dev update of 2024! We’re so excited to enter a new year with a stacked roadmap and so much to be positive about in the wider space of AI and gaming — let’s get it!

For those that haven’t yet started the quest for Cyber Claus’ Lambo, or have been struggling to find all the necessary items for Cyber Claus, we’ve had word that the elusive Gnomatron has been spotted in the ‘Evol’ and ‘Realm Academy Island’ realms!

Be sure to go find Cyber Claus in the Metropolis and grab the limited edition Cyber Claus’ Lambo vehicle to use in game!

Check it out in action here:

Respawn Colliders & Custom Platforms

It has been an extremely productive year here at Realm, marked by a continuous flow of fresh ideas and development. The team has remained tirelessly committed to bringing these ideas into our builder tool, ensuring that they are accessible to everyone. Today, we’re revisiting our trusty Moving Platform which has been undergoing a major upgrade to allow builders to incorporate custom meshes linked via URL and Respawn Colliders.

Custom Platform Meshes via URL

This enhancement is set to unlock a world of possibilities, allowing builders to introduce flying objects such as magical carpets or fantastical creatures that bring animated life to their realms.

Respawn Colliders

The addition of a respawn collider adds another layer of versatility, transforming these moving platforms into potential adversaries. Upon touching the collider players will be respawned to the nearest checkpoint — a mechanism that is key for creating more advanced and challenging experiences for players.

For avid readers familiar with our past Devlogs, this concept was previously demonstrated with examples featuring asteroids and rising lava. Our developers have now laid the groundwork, establishing the logic needed for the impending implementation in the builder — the crucial next step towards making this feature available for public use.

The accompanying clip demonstrates how this can be used to create an articulated dragon using five distinct platforms, each moving along the same path and following the curve trajectory, albeit with slightly offset starting points. This arrangement creates the illusion of complex rigged model. In this particular instance, each segment serves as a moving platform players can jump on to catch a ride, but alternatively, we could have encased the dragon with a respawn collider, transforming it into an adversary that players must evade.

Check it out here:

The possibilities this major development introduces are endless, and builders can look forward to exploring the creative horizons that upgraded Moving Platforms & Respawn Colliders will undoubtedly unveil.

Rewards Status Update

We’d like to round off this devlog with an update on all the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes to upgrade and remedy the rewards manipulation that was uncovered last year. It’s safe to say we’ve had our hands full with all of this, and are happy to confirm that the rewards system is fully operational again with all the necessary upgrades.

Over the Christmas period and concluding this week the rewards smart contracts and Realm back end were successfully upgraded with additional anti-bot measures. Analysis and blocking of bot and alt accounts was also undertaken with new safeguards in place to prevent manipulation.

The vault smart contracts and website are live and upgraded, and users who were already storing Realm in the Vault do not need to take any action — your vault balance remain the same and will still earn you a rewards multiplier. Additionally, rewards earned during December have been airdropped in full to players, skipping the usual 13 month vesting period.

Finally, we want to thank you for bearing with us whilst we mitigate the impact of bad actors on the Realm ecosystem. Your trust and support mean the world to us, and we are committed to ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all our users. Your patience and loyalty are greatly appreciated, and we’re excited to continue this journey with you, stronger than ever.

We hope you have enjoyed this peek behind the veil into the awesome dev we do here are Realm!

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