Devlog #110 — Academy Ep. 18: Custom Matchmaking!

3 min readFeb 20, 2024

Welcome to the 110th Realm Devlog!

For this edition we’re focussing on educational content in the form of the 18th Realm Academy tutorial, along with a sneak peek of an in-development builder tool feature.

We believe that education is the key to empowering people to create, and since the latest builder release contained some of our most complex functionality to date, this tutorial is a major milestone in the development of the platform.

Read on and watch the tutorial to see why:

Realm Academy: Custom Matchmaking

This edition marks the 18th Realm Academy video, and is testament to the large body of educational content (excellently produced by Arty) that has been created in order to further the goal of democratising creation of 3D and game environments. With the guidance of these tutorials anyone can create immersive, interactive worlds, and now with the latest edition the can create custom multiplayer setups — complete with lobby worlds and matches.

Check out the tutorial below for a step by step guide to getting set up with this incredible feature of the Realm platform that does not exist anywhere else in the industry without large amounts of custom coding:

For now the feature exists for creating Don’t Fall style matches, but soon will be expanded to Racing and HOVR (once it releases)! We’re also exploring ways to create vertically focussed challenges such as the infamous ‘Only Up’ — which we see combined with the rising lava in the next section being an incredibly fun mechanic.

Meanwhile, check it out in the latest builder release and create your own courses! We will be reviewing the best ones and including them in the rotation for Don’t Fall in due course.

Rising Lava!

Coming in the next builder release is also the custom platforms we teased a few devlogs ago, as well as this awesome rising lava mechanic.

The team encountered some interesting issues here when considering if the lava feature should persist across the open world of the metaverse as well as multiplayer matches, given that sometimes players could spawn into a world and immediately be stuck in the lava! For now we have opted to only implement the lava in matchmaking realms to get around this potential issue.

Check it out here:

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