Devlog #111: HOVR activate!

2 min readMar 5, 2024


Welcome to Devlog #111!

Over here at Realm the team have been smashing out some epic work of late, with some inasane builder features coming up and new marketing proposals in the works! We can’t wait to show a new cohort of people the advanced product that Realm is, and are getting all the pieces in place to do just that!

With that said, check out the awesome riding of Retro HOVRboards all over the Realms, dropping within 2 weeks!

HOVR: Ride Everywhere!

Exciting News for all Realmverse travellers and builders!
Hovr board equipping in non-racing Realms is about ready to drop!

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing addition that will change how you navigate the Realmverse. We are introducing Hovr boards to ALL our Realms! This enhancement is particularly beneficial in expansive environments like the Metropolis, drastically reducing travel times from minutes to mere seconds. Whether embarking on quests to find rare items scattered across multiple worlds or exploring the vastness of the Crescent Ring, the introduction of Hovr boards promises to be a game-changer.

This is also an exciting addition for builders wanting to create Hovr racing tracks. Now, you can seamlessly test your tracks without the needing to enter a race through the matchmaker.

Imagine the possibilities — crafting races that incorporate a blend of running on foot, crazy board rides, underwater swimming, and soaring through the skies with your jetpacks.

This will be another versatile feature that opens up creative opportunities, offering a dynamic and engaging experience for both builders and players.

Before this new feature is rolled out, we still need bring over some of the board physics from the Hovr racing tracks, which will allow players to ride along walls and other tilted surfaces, in addition to enabling the use of bounce pads and speed boosts in non-racing realms. To take advantage of this exciting addition, make sure to have a Hovr board NFT in your inventory.

Acquire a HOVR board while they’re still affordable and be prepared to elevate your adventures! Check out the collection on OpenSea here!

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