Devlog #112 — Bounce, Boost, and Boards + New Builder Release

3 min readMar 26, 2024


Welcome to Devlog #112! Here we’re bringing you some more updates on the features that have just been released into the wild, and a peek at the new mechanics we’ve enabled for the HOVR everywhere work.

You can also catch the last founders AMA here for some further insight into the project and the marketing thats incoming over the coming quarter.

We are also working on fixing a couple of persistent bugs that are affecting iOS devices so we appreciate you bearing with us there. These include a crash on opening the ‘Creators’ section and some fixes for NFT viewing on profile.

HOVR: Bounce, Boost, and Boards

In our latest update, we’ve been diving headfirst into the world of bounce pads and boosters for Hovr boarders in non-racing realms. The ability to zip around faster and leap farther will give players a thrilling edge, and we’re eagerly anticipating how this will allow you to transform the game’s dynamics. However, this boost in mobility also required us to updated to several realms to prevent players from venturing into areas they shouldn’t. Take, for instance, the Metropolis, where precise culling zones outside players’ field of view must be accessed and exited through designated doors and wall openings. To ensure players stick to the intended routes, we’ve added additional invisible collision objects, ensuring seamless traversal between these areas and to avoid parts of the 3d geometry to just disappear.

Fortunately, many of our expansive worlds, such as the Metropolis, Last Tree, or Swifti’s Lair, offer vast landscapes and structures at monumental scales perfect for board adventures. In the accompanying clip, you’ll catch glimpses of various board iterations, easily interchangeable via the inventory. An inital set of Retro Boards, including the Classic Retro HOVR Board, the Tag Retro HOVR Board, and the magnificent Gold Retro HOVR Board, offering players a stylish ride to match their preferences.

Now there is one more element to boarding in non-racing realms which we are still working on and that is driving up walls and looping around half-pipes, however we are close to completing that last piece of the puzzle. So stay tuned and grab your boards.

Remember you can also grab your boards on OpenSea here:

Check it out in action in this awesome video:

Builder Release 0.4.1

Last week saw the release of several major features in the builder tools — including Bounce Pads and Custom Moving Platform / Obstacles.

We hope you enjoy using these features and stay tuned for tutorials dropping soon!

You can download and play with the latest release here:


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