Devlog #114! Everybody Bounce, Cosmic Dash & Rising Lava

2 min readMay 7, 2024


Welcome to devlog 114! This week we’ve got some awesome tutorials to accompany the deployment of a shiny new builder tool version — v 4.2! Remember you can grab the builder for Mac and PC free here!

You can also catch the latest Realm AMA from last week here — we appreciate all the 1.1k keen Realm fans who tuned in and we have a load more cool stuff in store over the next few months thats for sure!

Now lets dive into the dev:

Builder V 4.2 & Cosmic Dash

This major release features improvements to bounce pads and custom obstacles — features that are set to revolutionise the Realm building experience.

These have been put to incredibly good use in some new multiplayer worlds that you can access soon via the brand new Creator Portals in the Metropolis!

Here’s an example of ‘Cosmic Dash’ — built by Arty using the Realm Builder Tool, with more new worlds to be highlighted in the following weeks!

These new worlds were made entirely in the builder, and are testament to the powerful no code builder suite we’ve created over here at Realm for all creators to benefit from.

Everybody Bounce!

We weren’t just going to drop a ton of new features without some tutorials- so here we present the 19th Episode of ‘Realm Academy’ — detailing how to use the new jump pad features to create awesome experiences within the Realm Builder.

We’ll let the tutorial do the talking and cant wait to see what the builder community creates!

The Floor is Lava!

Also on the near horizon is the rising lava functionality we’ve mentioned a few weeks ago.

Here is an awesome build video showing the process of creating a mini-game where the lava rises whilst the player tries to traverse the course. You can see how simple the no-code approach is — get building!

We hope you find this insight into the features of the Realm Builder interesting! Until next time, stay tuned!


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