Devlog #115! A Spectacular Spectacle

2 min readJun 12, 2024


Hello and welcome to Devlog #115! The last few weeks have been incredibly productive for the Realm team as we meticulously plan marketing activities that will take us right through until Q4 this year!

We are beyond excited to be slowly ramping up with our marketing efforts and are confident in the ability to attract a host of new players and ecosystem participants.

This week saw the launch of an awesome Zealy campaign, which you can enter here:

And get ready for the awesome X space with Azra Games on Friday! Be sure to comment your questions and we look forward to discussing the future of web3 gaming platforms with some fellow pioneers in the space!

Now, lets get down to the dev:

A Spectacular Spectacle

Introducing an epic new feature that is a staple requirement of multiplayer gameplay experiences — spectator mode!

In the video clip below the player dies when playing with a rising lava gametype (there are no second chances in the this map!), they see their score and then get to watch the remaining players complete the map. They even have the ability to cycle through the players they are spectating — awesome!

This feature can also be incorporated in a ton of different ways as well — imagine a HOVR competition where spectators can watch high octane matches with perfect cinematic follow cameras! The spectator view can also be streamed and make for a super enjoyable watching experience!

We’re hyped about this feature and cant wait to hear your feedback once it is deployed.

We hope you find this insight into the features of the Realm Platform interesting! Until next time, stay tuned!


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