Devlog #116: Insane Web Updates

3 min readJun 25, 2024


Hello and welcome to the 116th Realm Devlog!

Since our last Devlog we jumped into two awesome spaces with our friends at Azra Games and Space Misfits and had some awesome discussions. Its so good to connect with other talented people in the industry who are laser focussed on creating unique experiences.

We also still have the Zealy campaign going strong — be sure to check it out to win some unique prizes including NFT HOVRboards that will be essential when the HOVR game drops! Get involved here:

Now, lets get into the dev updates where we’ve been cooking some awesome updates to the website to ensure all newcomers get the best impression of what we’ve been building in the game world:

Journey Through Our 3D Site

We are currently in the process of updating our online presence with a fresh and exciting new website that will launch alongside a host of new in-game features.

Amid all the backend developments, it is easy to overlook the importance of communicating the fantastic aspects of the Realm platform that are continuously being added. Moreover, traditional 2D websites do not always capture the immersive experience of games and virtual worlds for prospective users. Therefore, we are incorporating fragments of our 3D worlds directly into the website to make it more engaging and dynamic. In the accompanying clip, you can see snippets of one of those scenes.

From a technical perspective, we are utilising embedded JS using Spline to import, texture, and animate the 3D meshes. As demonstrated in the clip, all materials need to be manually recreated and adjusted using a layer system, which is quite intuitive, albeit somewhat limited compared to full 3D modelling suites like Blender or directly coding it in JavaScript.

Despite some limitations, we are finding a great deal of enjoyment in using the UI. Optimisation is crucial, especially when transitioning between multiple 3D scenes as you scroll through the site. The new website will feature a dark theme complemented by Realm’s signature purple, blue, and green accents.

We are excited about the upcoming release and hope you will enjoy the new look as much as we are enjoying creating it. Keep an eye out for more updates and the official launch.

We hope you find this insight into the making of our new website interesting! Until next time, stay tuned!


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