DevLog 29: Fabricators, Stress Testing, and a Sneak Peak

This Week at REALM

Only 25 days until the launch of our Beta app! We hope to see some of our community in NYC for NFT.NYC where we will have our launch. But until then we are still working hard to ensure our launch is a success!

As usual, this week we had Tester Tuesdays where we added more people to Alpha, the Weekly Founders AMA, and the quiz on Thursday. This week we announced partnerships with Witly and BlockchainSpace, and we also released an article about our latest team member / advisor, Brenda Chen.

Last week we announced that you can sign up to access Builder Tools in Alpha, and in the run-up to launch don’t forget to submit a proposal to our $3M Development Fund if you have an idea for your realm and you want help building it! Also make sure you sign up for Beta by entering your email address on the landing page of our website.

Now onto the Dev Logs…


We introduced the concept of Fabricators in DevLog 17, where we showed some concept art for what the gold element will look like. Fabricators allow players to use the resources (like gold, platinum, and iron) they have found throughout the many worlds of the REALMverse to create rare and unique items. Players must have earned, bought, or otherwise obtained ‘metaprints’ — the blueprints required to fabricate items — in order to craft these items.

Fabricators are the machines that form these items from raw materials. Players will be able to find Fabricators in the Metropolis, but the resources will be scattered throughout many microverses. You will also need Singularity Shards to allow the Fabricator to draw power from the singularity!

Stress tests

This week we’ve been preparing for Beta by stress testing the REALM app on multiple devices and with many users. Check out all of those players in the microverse above! In that image you can see a test build of the app with 50+ players and the statistics on memory / CPU usage. We’ve made some major improvements, for example getting our avatars to load 80%+ more efficiently, and improving multithreading to ensure that the app does not overuse resources.

Sneak Peak

We’ve been testing a new realm experience that we teased a few weeks ago (remember the one that is based on the game that rhymes with Tall Fries?). Here we have a short video clip of us testing the environment, and as you can see it’s looking super fun! Can you tell what game it’s based on?

Thank you for reading this week’s Dev Logs!

Until next week,



REALM is a mobile-first, Play2Own, impact-driven metaverse with the Beta app launching June 21st 2022 on iOS and Android. With its mission to empower everyone to thrive from metaverse experiences and create positive impact in the real world, REALM donates 1/3 of its profits to sustainability projects.

REALM users are rewarded as they engage with the platform: 1/3 of the profits go to the token staking community. The native REALM builder tools allow anyone, with no coding experience, to build personalised microverses, tell their story, and trade NTFs on the REALM Marketplace. Creators and brands can bring to life unique music, art, games, and anything else they can imagine into their realms.

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