DevLog #32: Badges, NU RADIO, Jetpacks

This Week at REALM

As you probably know already, the REALM Beta app is live and available for download on iOS and Android! Get the app here and explore the growing number of realms that are currently available — and don’t forget to share your feedback with us on social media! We’ve had one of the busiest weeks in REALM history with our Beta launch and pop-up with Oseanworld at NFT.NYC (read more about that below). After the pop-up we were featured in an article by Highsnobiety about NU RADIO, the game that we are building with Oseanworld. REALM also attended and sponsored a fundraiser by Bye Bye Plastic, which aims to reduce plastic waste in the music industry.

Following the Beta launch of REALM this week, the team has been hard at work monitoring the stability of the system and optimising the many parts of the platform to give the optimum user experience.

We are continuing to develop features for REALM players — here’s an update on their progress this week.

Epic Jetpacks

For those of you who have successfully completed the first quest in the REALM universe, we salute you! The true function of your reward will be made clear in due course, and we’ve also been hard at work building higher tier jetpacks that can be purchased or won in skill based minigames. If you haven’t completed the quest yet — what are you waiting for?? We promise the prize is worth it… Above you can see an epic variant of the jetpacks that will be available in REALM. We have so many more awesome prizes in store for you!

Badges and XP

We know that progression and achievements are a big part of any rewarding gaming experience (and something most metaverses are distinctly lacking), so we’ve been hard at work making this system a reality. From designing XP algorithms to creating the backend logic, we are making significant progress!

As a sneak peek, here are a few of the achievements coming soon to the REALM metaverse (and yes — some of you have already earned them!). What other badges would you like to see in the future?

NU RADIO Pop-up Arcade

The team deployed an awesome pop-up to celebrate the upcoming NU RADIO game with Oseanworld at NFT.NYC on June 21st and 22nd. We had 4 super stylish arcade machines which featured an alpha racing build that allowed attendees to race each other using console controllers. As requested — controller support has been enabled here and will be coming soon to the main beta build!

Here’s a video and a few action shots of the arcade:

This has been an amazing, rewarding, and exhausting week in the REALM universe! We’re going to kick back and relax in the Atlantic Islands realm now… Care to join us?



REALM is a mobile-first, Play2Own, impact-driven metaverse with the Beta app launching June 21st 2022 on iOS and Android. With its mission to empower everyone to thrive from metaverse experiences and create positive impact in the real world, REALM donates 1/3 of its profits to sustainability projects.

REALM users are rewarded as they engage with the platform: 1/3 of the profits go to the token staking community. The native REALM builder tools allow anyone, with no coding experience, to build personalised microverses, tell their story, and trade NTFs on the REALM Marketplace. Creators and brands can bring to life unique music, art, games, and anything else they can imagine into their realms.

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