Devlog #38 — Matchmaking, Draw Mode, and Infinite Stacks

3 min readAug 5, 2022


Welcome to another devlog! As usual it’s been a busy week, our CEO Matthew Larby took part in an AMA with Polkastarter — you can listen to this here: with some great insights into where Realm and the space in general is headed.

Also, don’t forget to stake into the single sided staking pool here — currently at 269.57% APY!

Combined Matchmaking & Quests

We’ve decided to rework the way our matchmaking functions to make the experience smoother and faster for players looking to enter the competitive arena. To do this we’ve looked towards the playlist model — players can queue for a certain gametype such a racing or Realm Royale, and join a random map together. This paves the way for cool functionality like voting on the next map, and ensures that everyone can find a match super easily.

We’ve also enabled quests for joining matches — so now you can earn rewards simply by participating in minigames. This will be dropping into the metaverse very soon!

Check it out below!

Draw Mode

The builder tools team have been working hard to provide even more flexibilty when creating. One of the best developments of late is ‘draw mode’. This allows you to drag one module out in either a line or a rectangle and fill the entire space!

Draw mode enables all modules that are dragged out to keep the same orientation, and even allows overhangs and cantelevers to be created with ease — builders can check it out below!

Infinite stack history

We’ve been working on improving the navigation structure and history of our app. Adding the ability to infinitely navigate between most screens. Meaning you can now navigate back and forth seamlessly. The most significant improvement is between the profile screens and followers screens, where you can easily keep finding new users, check out their content and see who the top creators are following.

Before, the navigation didn’t allow you to smoothly move around the app as you would expect. Now you can navigate as you like and get to the place you want to be with the least amount of friction.

Throughout this navigation enhancement we also made improvements in the likes of performance and a better overall navigation structure so we can keep adding more screens and features in the future!

Check it out here:


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