Devlog #42 —Builder Packs, Grass & Jungles!

Welcome to another Devlog! This week’s work has a distinctly green theme — we’re going to the jungle for Realm Royale and planting lush foliage in the builder tools! The final part details one of the most complex pieces of work we have undertaken in the Realm builder to date, and which has an impressive impact on the performance of the game itself.

As usual, check out the founders AMA here for an update on what else has been going on for the business!

Now, lets get stuck in:

Jungle Fever

In preparation for launching our first super fun competitive P2E gametype, we’ve been hard at work theming the various launch maps for the Realm Royale platforming mode. This map is the easiest of the Realm Royale maps — they get progressively more difficult from here!

We think that these environments are super fun to race through, and cant wait to see what kind of crazy times everyone starts to achieve in order to grab their share of the rewards pool every week!

The Grass is Always Greener

Here we are showing a much-requested feature from our builders: the ability to add foliage and plants via algorithms to different areas within your realm! This saves a ton of time individually placing these elements.

Check out how we combine this with procedural terrain generation to create a dreamy low-poly landscape complete with trees and plants.

Grass placed using the tool

Builder Packs

This is a big one! Behind the scenes the team have been working hard to upgrade the way in which the Realm metaverse creates the worlds you have been exploring. To do this, we had to completely remake some core systems used for loading 3D models for both the app and the builder tools — not a small task! However now this is done it paves the way for the following advantages:

  • Much smaller game-data downloads
  • Adding packs of modules to the builder tool independently
  • Allowing creators to create their own custom packs of 3D assets for use in the builder

We got some amazing stats from the first test runs:

  • Loading time of game-data goes down from 29 seconds (!) to less than 2 seconds, a *93%* reduction
  • Memory footprint both at startup and within an average builder realm is reduced by ~600MB, a *40%* reduction
  • Game-data download size is reduced from 210MB to 129MB, a *40%* reduction

And most importantly: Infinite scalability for builder modules! ✨


REALM is a mobile-first, Play2Own, impact-driven metaverse with the Beta app live on iOS and Android. With its mission to empower everyone to thrive from metaverse experiences and create positive impact in the real world, REALM donates 1/3 of its profits to sustainability projects.

REALM users are rewarded as they engage with the platform: 1/3 of the profits go to the token staking community. The native REALM builder tool allows anyone, with no coding experience, to build personalised microverses, tell their story, and trade NTFs on the REALM Marketplace. Creators and brands can bring to life unique music, art, games, and anything else they can imagine into their realms.

REALM — Create your dreaM world, impact the REAL world



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