Devlog #43 — The Climb, Driving Physics, HOVR Sneak Peak

3 min readSep 9, 2022


Greetings from the Realm team, here once again with an update on our progress this week!

As usual, things have been busy behind the scenes here and we’ve been making great strides with some awesome partnerships as well as difficult technical challenges. As usual, you can catch the founders AMA here.

Now for the good stuff:

‘The Climb’

As with the previous sneak peak at our jungle themed course, here’s ‘The Climb’ — a mountainous ascent to the apex of the course.

This is a challenging climb that will test players reflexes and ingenuity to achieve the top score and take the weekly crown.

New Racing Physics & Tracks

We loved seeing the community get together for some races this week — however we also are aware that the driving physics and tracks have been a little too difficult to be casual and fun. Since we’ve been aware some improvements were needed in the experience the racing lobbies were fairly well hidden in the depths of the Realm universe.

Now we are pleased to show the first iteration of the new driving controls — whilst its hard to get a feel for how much better this is from a video, you wont believe it when you get behind the wheel. As you can see, cornering is super responsive and snappy, collisions feel natural and dont throw you off course so much, speeds are much higher (the audio code still needs to be tweaked so it has the correct pitch at 250+ km/h!) and generally this is a super fun and addictive driving experience. In this video we’re also showing a much improved track which will be dropping soon also.

We can safely say that the next time the community has a racing contest it will be a far more competitive and enjoyable experience!

HOVR: First Peek

Linked to the work thats gone into driving physics, we’ve also been working away on a secretive project that will be seeing the light of day soon.

For now, we’ve got a sneak peak into one of the epic tracks we’ve been building for the game!


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