Devlog #44 — Selfies, HOVR & Builder Tool Update

3 min readSep 16, 2022


Hello and welcome to another weekly peek into the inner workings of the Realm development and creative team! This one features some awesome features that will be dropping as soon as next week, plus some details on the builder tool update that released today and another awesome preview of the HOVR course aesthetic.

As usual, you can catch the weekly founders AMA here!

Selfie Time!

We’re super excited to announce that we will be launching an in-game selfie camera next week. This awesome feature will form part of the ‘Camera’ mode, and on iOS will spin the camera around and allow you to move around freely in AR mode to get the best shot. On Android it spins the camera view round to face you and your friends for an awesome shareable image!

Simply tap to take the picture, and you can retake it as many times as you like. Then upload the image directly to all your usual social channels! We can’t wait to see all the cool selfies people create next week.

Check it out in this video, which also features live audio streaming on mobile! You can see how easy it is to use Augmented Reality to reposition the shot, and in the second half how you can use it to get some cool angles with your friends in the metaverse!

HOVR Behind the Scenes

As with last week, we’ve got a fresh HOVR shot for you to feast your eyes on.

We’ve been working hard on the texturing and atmosphere of the environments, and we hope you’ll agree it’s coming on incredibly well. The futuristic, rich details are really starting to leap out of the environment, waiting for us all to grace the track with our fresh HOVR utility NFT gear.

Major Builder Tool Release

As discussed in last week’s devlog this builder tool release is a major one!

The list of changes is extensive, and some have very wide ranging implications for the structure of the realm metaverse. Also of interest to builders will be the inclusion of the draw tool which will save a ton of time blocking in areas of the grid. Also added is the foliage tool, using Procedural Generation to add foliage and other decorations to your realm!

Check these two features out in action below:

You can download version 0.2.5 here!

The full lineup of changes is as follows:

  • Add support for builder pack downloads, downloading all assets at runtime
  • Upgrade builder data system to v2
  • Add draw tools for easier placement of modules (Alt/Option to draw line, Alt/Option + Ctrl/Cmd to draw rectangle)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for builder tools (V for Select, B for Build, X for Destroy)
  • Automatically log into last used account on startup
  • Optimize performance on custom color application
  • Re-export builder modules for more consistent and efficient data storage
  • Increase clickable area for move/rotate gizmos
  • Increase mouse sensitivity in play-mode
  • Improve anti-aliasing, re-design grid visuals
  • Optimizations to server-side builder data
  • Add toast notifications displaying error messages
  • Show placeholder character in playmode while RPM mesh is loading
  • Highlight gizmos on mouse-over

We hope you enjoy getting to know the new builder tool feautures, and there are plenty more on the way!


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