Devlog #45 — Real-Time Builder Sync & Stories UI

3 min readSep 23, 2022

Welcome to the 45th edition of the Realm Devlog! This week saw some big milestones in the Realm universe, one of the biggest being the live stream into the Metropolis of the Dreams Quest Gaming Panel, featuring our friends at Dreams Quest, Polychain Monsters and Crabada! It was amazing to experience such an event along with fellow enthusiasts within the metaverse, check out some footage below.

As usual you can also catch the weekly founders AMA here.

We’ve got some pretty juicy updates this week — read on for the full details:

Real Time Builder Sync

This one is seriously cool! We’ve been working for some time on a feature that we think is unique within the metaverse space, and has so much potential for exciting experiences and iteration.

When making changes to a realm within the builder tools, any player connected to that realm in the mobile app immediately sees any change made.

This is fully cross-platform, meaning realms appear and load the same on iOS/Android/Windows/Mac — not a small technical challenge!

Check it out below:

The feature is awesome for allowing real-time testing and editing of levels without any loading screens or delays, and could even be the basis for messing around with your friends in some super interesting ways.

We’re also working on a feature where players joining a realm on mobile may also be displayed (with their fully animated avatars) within the builder tools, allowing creators to see users navigating the realm they are building, in real-time, as they are building it —let’s go!

Stories UI Design

Following the success of the public release of our in-game selfies feature this week (this was a stealth feature release by the way — click on the ‘Camera’ icon to take a selfie and share it to your favourite social media platforms!), we are already working on taking this to the next level with Realm ‘stories’.

We all know that the stories feature has become the dominant content mode in social media, and for good reason — its a great way to consume engaging content from people you follow and have an affinity with. This is why we believe this feature is so important — we want people to be able to discover content that interests them with ease, and also to be able to view stories of people’s exploits in the metaverse using a familiar swiping mechanism.

Realm ‘Stories’ UI
Story detail with fast-travel option

We’ve also added a ‘travel here’ option, which will allow anyone viewing a story to go directly to that realm to check it out for themselves! We think this feature will dramatically improve the spread of exciting experiences and cool realms and can’t wait to get it into dev.


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