Devlog #50! Deep Links, Interaction Menu

3 min readOct 28, 2022

Welcome to the 50th edition of the Realm Devlogs; This is a major milestone and we are thrilled to have been developing our vision at such a rapid pace over the last 50 weeks. Stand by for an overview of everything we’ve achieved as a team and as a community when we hit the 1 year anniversary in Week 52!

Behind the scenes the team have been busy implementing the reward mechanisms that underpin the Play to Own economy of Realm and are making excellent progress. You can expect some updates on the unique systems and smart contracts behind this in the coming weeks.

Now lets get stuck into the updates:

Deep Links

Fundamental to the success of any digital product is the ability to direct people to your experience with ease. With this goal in mind, the team have been working on a deep linking solution that provides URLs that lead directly into a Realm, Event or Profile when pressed.

This mechanism will be vital for directing people to your land, or when launching a new game or experience. Of course If the person doesn’t already have the app they will be directed to the relevant app store to install and jump straight in.

Here’s a quick demo of the links in action:

Interaction Menu

Interacting with other players is a vital part of the social fabric of the metaverse, and until now the options have been limited to the chat function. To improve the situation we set about expanding the range of options available when you meet someone in Realm by creating a new interaction system that allows maximum flexibility whilst not getting in the way of your experience.

This new UX will remove the invasive ‘Chat’ popup that gets in the way of your gameplay, and will be replaced by a slick interaction menu that is activated by tapping the players nametag. The menu then expands to allow you to Chat, Follow, Check out the Profile and even use Emotes with any player you encounter on your travels! Stay tuned for updates on emotes in upcoming devlogs.

This neat UI is also easily extendable, with planned future updates including peer to peer trading, voice chat, and information about the players’ clothing and accessories.

Player Interaction Menu


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