Devlog #51 — Realm Marketplace takeover — Alpha Drops!

At long last, the alpha for the Realm Dapp marketplace is coming to life in the public domain! This has been an incredibly large undertaking with some unique features that we can’t wait to battle test with our awesome community.

We will be focussing on this major alpha release this week instead of the usual Devlogs, and stay tuned for the 52nd Devlog update next week with some awesome updates!

Exotic Items Available at Launch

As promised, we’ve dropped a few super rare items for the alpha launch — here’s a sneak peek at what’s available:

Aeris Elite — the Mythic Jetpack variant, with in-game perks!
Polynomial Vector — Polygon Sword
Etheric Blade — Ethereum Sword
The Last Tree — 1/500 genesis artwork
Liminal State IV — Fast-travel portal gun!

Whilst the Aeris Elite Jetpack has immediate utility, the remainder will soon have their in-game uses revealed, and those who purchase early will be at a significant advantage. Make sure to check them out, and have fun trading!

Lets walk you through the features available in the alpha Marketplace version:

Login to your Realm account and connect wallet

Authentication is unusually complex in this case, since we have 4 different systems at play in the Realm stack — Wallet Authentication to verify your blockchain assets, and Email / Password, Google Login and Apple Login to connect with your in-game items and account. In the alpha version at present we are deploying web3 wallet connection and email / password login. Apple and Google signin are just around the corner and undergoing final tests before being shipped. This means that if you signed in with Google or Apple you will need to go to the app and reset password in order to create a password to use in the Dapp.

So once you’ve obtained your password, select ‘Login’ in the top right and login with your email / password to allow the Dapp access to your in game items and account. It’s not mandatory to login with your Realm account, but in order to see your in-game items in the marketplace its essential.

Now connect your wallet by selecting ‘Connect Wallet’ and signing the required transaction to login. Be sure to use the wallet you have connected to your Realm account!

That’s it! You are good to go interacting with the Realm Dapp marketplace!

Browse and purchase items from Realm

Front and centre on the homepage are the items on sale from REALM ourselves — including some very special launch items that have never been seen before!

Simply browse through these items and select one you would like to purchase, select the quantity and purchase token, and click purchase. At present we support USDT, USDC and wETH on Polygon (with REALM support coming soon once the Polygon REALM token is deployed and bridged). After that you will need to confirm two blockchain transactions — the first to allow the marketplace to spend the token you’ve chosen to pay with (this only happens once), and the second to confirm spending that token.

Wait until the confirmation message appears, and you’re done!

Navigate to your inventory under ‘My Items’ to check out your new NFT inside your wallet :)

View your inventory

Speaking of inventory — you can always view your items in the ‘My Items’ section. Here you can see the items that you’ve collected in game, as well as any on-chain items you may have purchased.

‘My Items’ page

You can filter for rarity, see which items are on sale, and a variety of other filters to ensure you can keep track of your assets.

Mint your Items

If you decide to take full custody of your in-game asset, then the process to mint this onto Polygon is super simple.

Simply open up the item detail view, press ‘Mint’, select the amount of the item you want to mint (if you have multiple), and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Check it out here:

Here’s step by step in case you didnt catch it in the video:

Once you see the confirmation popup in the bottom right of your screen, your item is minted and you can view it in ‘My Items’!

Sell your items

Once you’ve found your inventory and minted some items to the blockchain, its time to set them for sale!

Set Payment Tokens

First, navigate to your profile by pressing on your profile picture in the top right hand corner of the screen, and then ‘My Profile’

Select ‘Register Payment Tokens’

Next, set the payment tokens that you are happy to receive for your listings. These settings apply globally to all the items you are selling. Remember that with Realm’s marketplace you set the price you want to receive in USD, and the price in the selected token at the time of purchase will be automatically calculated using decentralised oracles. This ensures that you will always get the desired dollar value for your item sales!

Press save, and confirm the blockchain transaction in your wallet (you will need some MATIC to do this!).

Set item on sale

Now that you’ve set your payment tokens, its time to set your item on sale!

Navigate to the item in your inventory, select the item that you want to sell (it must already be minted — if not the Dapp will direct you to mint the item), and select ‘Sell’. Now choose the USD price you wish to receive for the item, confirm the transaction and you’re good to go!

Buyers can now see your item in the P2P areas of the Dapp, and can pay in any of the payment tokens you registered in the previous step — pretty neat!

Here’s a video of the whole flow in action!

Note that you can also remove your item from sale when it’s on sale in case you change your mind!

Edit your Profile

It is also possible to view and edit your profile information from the marketplace — simply navigate to your profile as described above and select ‘Edit’

Hit save, and that’s it!

Where Can I Get Access?

You can access the marketplace at the following URL: from your desktop or mobile.

Please bear in mind that this is an Alpha release and so there may be some early teething problems — we appreicate your feedback in the telegram and discord communities and will be working hard to resolve any issues encountered.

Word on the street is there will be a snapshot of wallets and an airdrop for early adopters…

Happy trading!


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REALM users are rewarded as they engage with the platform: 1/3 of the profits go to the token staking community. The native REALM builder tool allows anyone, with no coding experience, to build personalised microverses, tell their story, and trade NTFs on the REALM Marketplace. Creators and brands can bring to life unique music, art, games, and anything else they can imagine into their realms.



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