Devlog #52! Stories Feature, Trails

3 min readNov 12, 2022

Welcome to Devlog #52 — An entire year of building and publishing for you all to see our progress — this is certainly a big milestone!

To celebrate we’ve put together a little video showcasing a few highlights of the platform so far, and I think its a great time to reflect on how much has been achieved by the incredible development and creative teams here at Realm.

We couldn’t have got here without such a supportive and active community — continually testing, giving feedback, building and creating. We strive to give you all the best tools possible so that you can realise your ambitions and spread the word about Realm with pride.

As usual, catch the founders AMA here on a very tumultuous day for the crypto space as a whole:

Also stay tuned for a fresh ‘Celbrating the Builders’ retrospective featuring the amazing creations of our community dropping in the next couple of weeks.


As we’ve already alluded to a few times of late we know that the dominant trend in social apps has become the ‘Story’ — shortform content that users can view with very little effort in a continuous stream. We felt that this was an important feature to launch since its how people feel comfortable consuming shared content, and therefore are very happy to have a demo to display today.

A few features to notice:

Just like instagram etc the stories flow automatically once the time for each story is up.

Users can post multiple stories which will show sequentially.

We have also made sure to add a button that takes the user directly to the Realm the content was taken in — since theres nothing more frustrating that seeing an epic post but not knowing where to go to experience it for yourself!

These selfies were all taken using the AR photo mode — another incredibly unique feature of Realm that is only made possible by being on a mobile platform!

Trails of Honour

Some time ago we mentioned the introduction of cosmetic trails, and here we present an early version of the concept. These ‘Trails of Honour’ are understandably hard to attain (though some can also be purchased in the Marketplace) — and demonstrate to your fellows that the player has achieved a high degree of Realm mastery.

These trails will range from XP rewards (XP will enter the app very soon), mini-game achievements, quest rewards, and builder accolades. Each unique trail will help others around you identify your honours in the Realm ecosystem, and we can’t wait to get them launched.

The demo here shows a user vising their inventory and equipping the ‘Blue Trail’ (a development test trail) — we will be posting the full visuals and list of trails and what actions need to be taken to attain them in due course!

Deploying Soon…

Also a little easter egg since its an anniversary — next week’s app update should feature the following amazing features:

  • Trails
  • Notifications
  • Rewards
  • In-Game user following
  • Re-designed player interaction
  • User levels
  • Badge UI

Its going to be a good one!


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