Devlog #53 — Badge and XP Progression, UI Refresh

Welcome to another week in Realmland. As usual its been a chaotic week in crypto, but the Realm team have been as busy as ever, working hard on Stake and Engage rewards and a number of other super important features for the platform.

Be sure to get involved in our collaboration with DreamsQuest to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with some awesome prizes:

You can also catch the founders AMA again here.

Right, now to the updates!

Badges and XP Levels

Some of you may have noticed a cheeky ‘1’ just below your profile image when playing within Realm. Rumours have swirled about the significance of this number, and those who said it was the XP level of the player were absolutely correct!

The very first forms of this system are in fact already live in app, however there is much more to come, and you can see more of it in the final part of this devlog. Right now, XP is earned for completing races and Don’t Fall matches, as well as completing quests. However we are nearly ready to drop a whole load more Badges into the game and are currently working on a migration so that users who have been with us for a while can retroactively get their XP and Badges!

As a recap, here are a small selection of the badges that will be dropping soon:

We’ve also added custom Don’t Fall badges as well as items for socialising and networking.

So how does this look in practice?

In the video below you can see the user receive a badge, a super cool reward, and gain some XP to progress to ‘Novice III’ level, all in one smooth notification flow that’s bound to get the endorphins flowing. Check it out!

In Game UI Refresh

We’ve long been aware that the dark theme of the in-game UI was incongruous with the lightness of the social app, and have therefore been working on a refresh, as well as adding a ton of new features in the process.

In the demo below you can see not only the clean aesthetic, but also a number of new features — for instance notice that in-game stores are fully functional, allowing you to purchase items with in-game coins. Also check how the XP level is cleanly displayed upon gaining a badge at the end of the clip.

Whilst this is an early development build, you can expect to see this fresh UI and in-game stores rolled out in the not too distant future.


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