Devlog #55 — Event RPCs, Equipable Vehicles

3 min readDec 2, 2022

Welcome to devlog 55! As we gear up for a lot of major releases its been a time of intense focus for the team. As usual, you can catch the weekly Founders AMA here.

This week we’ve got two really interesting updates for you — both of which will have wide ranging impacts on the future capabilities of the platform. Let’s get stuck in!

Realm Event RPCs

Whilst this may seem like another update related purely to in-realm events such as those featuring live audio, this update is in essence a technical one involving Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs).

These RPC events mean an arbitrary event defined by the level designer that triggers basically any change they want in a realm. This is achieved by switching out default scenes/nodes for event ones. Since it just frees/instances Gdot scenes, there’s not really any limit to the kind of things we can trigger with events; For example enabling live audio or adding/removing smart objects, beginning a game or time trial, or any number of awesome features.

These event RPCs also persist, so once an event is triggered, it will be active for all instances and users, including those already in a world and all that join thereafter!

This is a big architectural upgrade that will empower realm creators to launch interactive experiences for their whole audience at once seamlessly, such as dropping a music event, radio show or time-sensitive gametype. In the example screenshots below you can see two events are launched — ‘The Valley’ which places the user in a valley-like surrounding, and ‘The Cavern’ with another environment change — the prelude to a new adventure.

Equipping Vehicles

Everyone knows that half the fun of playing games is upgrading your gear for better style and performance, and in the metaverse this is arguably even more vital. So with this in mind we’re rolling out the ability to purchase and earn items and equip them for use in minigames.

This will first be making an appearance in the form of vehicles, as shown in the example below, but is also very relevant to HOVR and a ton of future developments.

To celebrate the launch of new driving physicw this feature will be included and the racing maps will be getting a full refresh. We will also be making some dope cars available to win through quests and some that are available to purhcase in the marketplace! Check out an example of equipping and racing some early stage dev-vehicles below.


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