Devlog #56 —Festive Content, In-App Ads, New Trails!

Welcome to Devlog #56! Its been great to see momentum ramping up around the engagement engine and we can’t wait to keep building on this platform to reward engagement in the metaverse.

We also recenly launched the stories feature and its been amazing seeing the community post their exploits across the realms.

As usual, check out the founders AMA here! eMatt also took part in an awesome space from Blockstars full of great insights — check it out here!

The Festive Season in Realm

As the festive season is in full swing we’ve been cooking up some super fun events and themes coming to your favourite metaverse!

First, you will notice the festive theme of the Metropolis — this super cosy refit will be sure to get you in the Christmas spirit, and theres much fun to be had in and around the presents!

We’ve also got some excellent content lined up for next week, some of which you can see in the video below — expect a brand new world, a fresh festive quest line with an awesome reward and some regular treasure hunts throughout the metaverse with prizes for those that manage to find them!

In-App Ads

Fundamental to the Realm engagement rewards engine and sustainable economy is the way value can be derived from the engagement of our awesome players and shared among the participants in the ecosystem.

You can read in more detail about the reward engine here:

With this in mind, we are extremely excited to share with you the first version of ‘Native’ ads shown within story functionality. These ads are provided by Google AdMob, a major player in the online ad exchange industry, and allow us to immediately start the engines on earning and distributing revenues.

Next we will be working on in-metaverse implementations, a big milestone that will push the boundaries of metaverse monetisation. Stay tuned for more updates on that as we progress through the many technical challenges involved.

In this demo video below the user loads the app, gives advertising consent and starts to browse some stories. The native ad appears after a few stories and they then seamlessly continue browsing — pretty neat!

New Trails

We showed you a first iteration of the trails functionality a few weeks ago, so we thought now is a good time for an update. These trails are looking super cool and will soon be available for purchase after a few final tweaks in the marketplace to flex on your character.

Some will be reserved for special accolates — epic quests and rewards for engagement, so you can truly wear them as badges of pride!


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