Devlog #57 — Happy New Year from Realm! New Builder & Celebrating the Creators Pt. II

4 min readDec 30, 2022

Welcome to the New Years edition of the Realm Devlog!

I’m sure everyone can agree that it’s been an eventful year of mixed blessings, and hopefully you will also agree that the Realm team has been delivering consistently in spite of the whirlwind that surrounds us.

This year saw an incredible amount of development and progress — not only surpassing our competitors in a very short space of time, but also solving a ton of technical challenges that have never been done before! So for the thousands of commits and hundreds of thousands of lines of code — we raise our glasses to the entire technical, artistic and product teams at Realm — great job!

It’s only with the supportive and rapidly growing community of Realm players and builders that Realm can thrive however — so we must acknowledge you all just as much as we do the work of the team — you are the backbone of this vision of a co-owned, co-created virtual universe where creation and engagement are rewarded fairly.

Since the Player Engagement Program has launched we’ve seen a fantastic amount of support — with a huge number of new players discovering Realm and thousands of daily races taking place this is just the beginning. Realm is going to break into the mainstream consciousness in 2023 and extremely solid foundations have been laid in stone during the course of 2022.

Celebrating the Builders Pt. II

At the heart of the Realm vision are the builders — the creators who first started to experiment with our (admittedly very early stage in terms of UX) builder tool alpha, and to show what can be achieved with some patience, skill and determination!

As you will see below, the builder tool is undergoing some big improvements and this will be a major focus of 2023. It will be amazing to look back on this devlog at the end of the 2023 and see how far we have progressed again!

As we move into the new year, here is the promised ‘Celebrating the Builders Part II’, which showcases in awesome detail many of the creations from the community in the last few months.

New Builder Tools Release

It wouldn’t be fair to end the year with such massive updates to the mobile app without releasing a new major release of the builder tools — and so thats exactly what we’ve done!

Starting NOW you can download the refreshed builder tool from our Itch here.

As you can see in the video below this update is a major improvement to the UI and UX of the product and feels way more professional and user friendly. As we start to get this into the hands of more creators (there are already more than 600 of you!) its essential that the UI feels friendly, modern and intuitive. We have a lot more planned in this regard, for instance an onboarding sequence and descriptive tooltips, but this release is a big step in the right direction.

The release also features the following:

  • Add new smart objects: Portals, Checkpoints
  • Introduce reworked coloring system (Module colors are now set per-category instead of per-module)
  • Reduce memory impact of builder realms
  • Add hotkeys for mode selection
  • Add Box selection
  • Separate auto and manual floor selection

Of particular note here is the fact that users can now place portals into their realms and choose where these lead (currently its just to their own realms, but shortly will include official realms also). This is an awesome development in creating a natural flow between worlds you have created and we cant wait to see what the community does with this.

We’ve also found using the ‘scatter’ feature really useful and interesting — just select any item with the paint-roller icon and turn on scatter to automatically place items randomly throughout an area!

We hope you enjoy playing around and building your vision with this version, and the next few months are going to see some crazy updates to quest creation and game building — so its worth getting the basics of building in Realm down asap!

Happy New Year everyone and see you on the other side!


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