Devlog #58 — Rainbow Rings & In-Game Ad Inventory

3 min readJan 6, 2023

Welcome to the first devlog of 2023! We’re super excited for what the new year holds for all of us in the Realm community and for everyone who will join us this year.

Since launching the engagement programme stats have been consistently breaking new records which is good news for everyone and we expect this trend to only continue over the next year.

This week we held our AMA in Realm itself and it was super cool to see so many of you hanging out and listening — expect more of this going forward as well as being able to receive rewards for joining.

Now, to the updates!

Rainbow Rings

Introducing a brand new track for all you Realm Racing diehards! We know that since we launched the new physics people have been going mad for racing, and therefore we’ve been working hard on an awesome new course to keep things interesting.

Taking inspiration from the legendary ‘Rainbow Road’ the Rainbow Rings Race is a high-stakes competition that takes place on a deserted planet surrounded by a glowing rainbow ring! We particulaly love the choice between navigating the challenging asteroid belt or playing it safe and driving around!

Check it out!

In-Game Ad Inventory

The launch of ads inside the social app was a big step for the economy of the platoform, but its in-game ads that will really set the wheels in motion and are what makes Realm’s economy one of the most innovative around.

Its awesome to see adverts come to life in in 3D within our worlds — giving builders the option to place ad inventory in their realms that will be automatically filled by our integration with top real-time bidding ad networks and earning from the proceeds!

Tech-wise it’s some of the most low-level development we’ve done, plugging into native C++ and very efficiently retrieving the ads as textures in real time without any performance impact. For this we’ve had to implement a custom solution since Godot support doesn’t exist — another example of how our engineers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and smashing it every time.

We cant wait to get this feature rolled out over the next month or so, and we’ll be sharing more updates as we progress.


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