Devlog #59: Deeplinks, Jetpack Buffs, Powerups!

3 min readJan 13, 2023

Welcome to the 59th devlog!

We’ve been having a super productive week here — taking on board all your feedback from the first 2 weeks of the Player Engagement Programme and fine tuning the system — expect to see a ton of improvements dropping over the next few weeks.

As usual, you can catch the founders AMA here and it was awesome to see so many of you joining us in the Metropolis to listen live.

Also show some love to the Cryptovoxels founders for the mention of Realm this week — we love their pioneering work as well! Check it out here.

Now let’s get to the updates!

Deeplinks and Referrals:

Given how important referrals are to your rewards earnings the team have been busy handling all the many edge cases involved in our referrals system. It’s important that users are able to create customised invite links to share to their friends who don’t already have the app installed, and to then preserve the unique referral code through the entire signup process to link the users together.

That’s exactly what you can see in the first part of this video — Player 1 invites a friend directly from the reward centre, and player 2 installs the app from fresh and is immediately informed that the referral code was used successfully, as well as visiting their friends profile. Player 1 is now earning rewards for every day that Player 2 earns XP!

We’re also demonstrating clicking a deeplink for the web (or shared from within the app) when not signed in and when the app is not open — both take the user straight to the relevant Realm whilst allowing Realm to track the source of the links — pretty neat!


We’ve been tweaking the speed of the jetpacks in Realm — making sure that they really are the fastest way to get around until Hovr hits the Metaverse!

Here we’ve given the standard Aeris Jetpack a nice buff in terms of speed, and the Aeris Elite has had an even bigger upgrade!

We’ve also been working on mechanics to consume singularity shards to gain even more speed — stay tuned for more on these mechanics and for more ways in which in-game resources will enhance your gear coming this quarter.


Also as a little treat for all you racing heads — here are some sweet new powerups that will be making their way into the racing rotation soon!

These boosts give players another weapon in their arsenal and can be triggered on demand at critical moments to give you the edge — look forward to injecting some sweet nitrous into your competitive races very soon!


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