Devlog #61 —Story ❤s, ‘The Lab’ Sneak Peek

3 min readJan 27, 2023

Welcome Welcome to Devlog 61!

We’ve got some great updates for you this week, and are also pleased to announce that we will be speaking at the Polygon x Yesports ‘Convergence 2023’ web3 gaming conference! Check it out here:

To celebrate, we’ve launched a collaboration with Yesports to win a unique HOVR board — enter here.

As usual, catch the founders AMA here and LIVE in the metaverse every Wednesday at 6PM UTC.

Now to the updates:

❤ & Viewcounts on Stories!

Since stories are such a fundamental part of the experience of Realm — allowing you to share where you’ve been and what awesome things you’ve found in your travels — not to mention being key to earning your daily rewards, we are working hard to make sure the experience is all it can be.

Sharing content like this shouldnt feel like a one-way street — shouting into the void as it were. It’s incredibily important to allow your fellow players, creators and explorers to show their appreciation for your content, and its for this reason that we’ve built ‘likes’ into the stories feature.

Equally important is the ability to see the number of impressions your story has had so you can see the reach and popularity of your content — so we’ve added that to! This is only available for your own stories.

In the video below you can see the user checking their own stories and seeing the number of impressions, before moving on to browse other users and showing some love to some of them.

Sneak-Peek into The Lab!

The team have been busy cooking up a super awesome quest to draw you into the fast paced world of HOVR!

Here we present as sneak-peak into ‘The Lab’, which will function as the lobby and central hub of the HOVR universe. Here you can find some of the HOVR characters for quests, maintain your board and of course queue for epic races. Get ready for HOVR!


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