Devlog #62 — BTS Worlds, Grav Bombs & Jump Pads!

3 min readFeb 3


Hey there Realm friends and fans, its a pleasure to bring you the 62nd edition of the Realm Devlogs!

We’re making awesome progress in our quest to become the best mobile metaverse product the world has ever seen — nearing completion of rewards v2 smart contracts and backend, HOVR and a whole host of other groundbreaking features.

As usual, we discussed some of this in our founders AMA this wednesday.

Now, on to the dev!

Behind the Scenes: New Universe Creation

Last week we showed a couple of still images from ‘The Lab’, and we also realised that we havent been creating as much BTS content as we used to, so here we present an awesome clip of our maestro lead metaverse architect Jakob cooking up some areas of The Lab. The Lab and Lobby of HOVR are at the heart of the data resistance — hidden somewhere in the Crescent of the Metropolis… and there’s way more new spaces and courses coming for the game as well.

We’ve deliberately not given away the full glory of the space here (it really is insane), but its amazing to see the process of bringing a digital world to life through sheer digital skill and the incredibly powerful platform we’ve built here at Realm. We can’t wait to reveal more of this universe in the next couple of weeks.

Grav Bombs & Jump Pads!

We love the racing here at Realm and are committed to constant iteration to keep the experience fresh. Whilst the builder tools team are working super hard on getting custom and procedural races available to our awesome builder community, we’ve been working on unifying powerups across a whole host of Realm games, both now and in the future.

With this in mind, we are happy to show you all the in-development systems for collecting and deploying powerups in games.

At the moment we have 2 core slots for items which you can collect during a race, and maybe even purchase in the future. In the video below you can see the following in action:

  • Speed Boosts — does what it says on the tin!
  • Gravity Bombs — Drop these behind you to cause a gravity spin when opponents get too close! These will remain on the track for 60 seconds!
  • Randomised Item Boxes — these give a random item!

You can also see the team having some fun with the jump pads and generally using stuff as it wasnt intended — a key part of checking out any new feature! We can’t wait to see all the weird and wonderful things you get up to when we release these to the builder tools.

We’ve also been cooking up some fun modes and matches using this expanded set of boosts and actions so stay tuned for more info and look forward to racing with them in the near future!


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