Devlog #63 —AI Turtles, Creator NPCs, & New Builder Tools Release!

4 min readFeb 17, 2023
AI NPCs in Realm

Welcome to the next instalment of the Realm devlogs! For all the new members of the Realm community, this is where we give you an insight into everything we’ve been building during the week, and as per usual there’s some exciting stuff in store for you below, including a major new builder release!

As usual, we discussed some of this in our founders AMA on Wednesday.

Onto the dev.

Storytelling with NPCs!

Ever since the first release of the Realm builder tools we’ve been amazed by the creativity that the community has exhibited creating realms. We understand that the key to enhancing the immersive experience lies in the ability of creators to populate the virtual world with unique and extraordinary characters and events.

To that end, we are proud to announce that *FROM TODAY* creators can create any character in Ready Player Me and import them into the builder tool to be used as an NPC. As a creator, you can give custom NPCs a unique personality by assigning dialogue and storylines that guide players around a realm— super cool!

Our approach gives maximum control to the creator by leveraging the almost unlimited amount of customisations that Ready Player Me offers. This enables characters and storylines that fit the theme of the realm. Creators can use multiple NPCs to guide players through different areas of their Realm and tell layered stories from multiple NPCs perspectives.

Stand by for more fun features including adding NPC animations and linking the NPCs into a fully fledged quest system. Until then check out how simple it is to create NPCs. We can’t wait to see you all add life to your realms.

Start creating here:

AI NPCs in Realm.

It would be silly for us to talk about storytelling without mentioning AI. You may have seen our previous article on Realm’s approach to AI in the metaverse, if not give it a read.

An AI we are adding into one of the next builder tools releases will assist with creating storylines that are automatically assigned to NPCs. This will work hand in hand with Realm’s AI NPC swarm that connects NPCs to a knowledge-base, eg a game lore that all NPCs can access and speak about in a human way, creating highly immersive living stories.

Until then check out what our AI turtles have to say about the humans in the Realm metaverse.

New Game and Builder Releases


  • Add revamped power-up system to racing
  • Add support for various new power ups and environmental obstacles
  • Add support for builder realms using new palette system
  • Add support for builder realms using NPCs
  • Add system for dynamically animated NPCs
  • Add system for dynamically changing environment based on quest progress
  • Internal build process improvements
  • Various UI and gameplay fixes

HOVR rollout drops Monday 20th Feb

Check out our Twitter on Monday 20th February as we start the launch campaign for HOVR. The new site will launch giving you a view of the 2 incredible NFT collections and the game that is already built:

  • Free NFT mint — Retro HOVR boards.
  • Paid NFT mint — Elite HOVR boards.

You can also get a sneak peak at the HOVR quest line that players must complete to get access to the Free mint and information about the game modes that HOVR will offer.

We’re really excited about this rollout; it’s going to be an interactive storytelling experience. The assets look amazing and the game is really fun to play. Nobody is going to be walking around our metaverse once the HOVR boards have dropped!

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