Devlog #64 — HOVR takeover — Guide to Elite boards Pt. I — Rarity & Generation

4 min readFeb 24, 2023

With the heavily anticipated launch of the HOVR whitelist and the HOVR ecosystem, this article provides the lowdown on the structure of HOVR boards and their unique properties.

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But what are Elite HOVR boards, you ask?

The answer is simple — unique collectible generated boards that have full in-game utility as a dope mode of transport within the Realm ecosystem. However, as will become increasingly clear, the ways in which they tie into the fabric of the HOVR universe and the benefits they bring to the holders are many and varied.

Over the following weeks we will be releasing a number of articles detailing the precise mechanics of the HOVR game — including gametypes, rewards, quests and other vital pieces of lore. This week’s article focusses on Rarity and Generation.

Board Structure:

Before we get deep into rarities, we must first understand the precise traits that make up a HOVR Elite.

Hovr Elites are composed of six unique parts or traits:

HOVR Elites Composition


80 unique classes of boards, which fall into 5 main types, based on their function and specialisation:

Elite Base Classes & Examples

Given that each class has 6 traits the total number of combinations is 262,144,000,000, yes you read that right, over 262 Billion combinations! With odds like this, its likely that every generated board will be verifiably unique, however it does not mean that all are created equal.

Read on to see how the rarity matrix feeds into the properties of each generated in-game Elite.


Elite HOVR boards inherit the rarities used across the entire Realm ecosystem with the following classifications, from rarest to least rare:

  • Genesis
  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

Genesis Elites represent an incredibly rare classification — there will only be 2 copies of each of the 80 classes of boards in existence, and they possess the perfect flush of traits and therefore are near-impossible to occur in random generation. These 2/2s are sure to be extremely coveted and valuable.

The rest of the Elite collection comes into existence via the gods of RNG — a random generative process based on the rarities of each class of board. When combined together, boards that possess multiple traits of a certain class or more than one Mythic or Legendary trait will definitely be far more rare than those that are composed of predominantly common traits.

We will be enrolling the collection onto Rarity Sniper, which will give a clear overview of the way these traits combine to create unique and valuable Elite boards!

Random Generation

In order to fully appreciate the quality and uniqueness of the HOVR Elite collection, here is a selection for your perusal (zoom in for the full glory!).

We will be revealing all of the 80 classes and traits over the coming weeks leading up to the mint — choose your favourite traits and get ready for them to hit the secondary market following the mint!

How does the HOVR Retro boards quest fit into this?

In the next article we will dig deep into the HOVR quest line and Retro boards. For now we can say that Retro boards will be a separate collection of 1,111 Retro Boards that have 6 unique designs and the only way you will be able to get a Retro board for free is to complete the HOVR quest line.

That’s it for this week folks, we hope you’re as excited as we are about this incredible collection of real in-game utility items — and trust us, we have a number of surprises still in store as well for HOVR…

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