Devlog #65 — FreeMint HOVR Quest, Emotes and SoundFX!

3 min readMar 6, 2023

Hi everyone, and welcome to this 65th edition of the Realm Devlog.

This week we’re still in full HOVR Mode, but also wanted to show some updates on features that have long been requested by the community and are ready to be released. As usual, you can catch the Founders AMA here.

We are also thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a music-centric immersive experience next week, featuring a world- renowned visual and audio artist! The countdown has already started, so stay tuned for more information.

The 9th March ‘23 also sees the launch of the HOVR Freemint Quest — an adventure through two entirely new Realms into the Data Revolution. We know that die hard and occasional players alike are always keen for epic content and next week is sure not to disappoint. Not to mention you can get your hands on one of 1,111 Retro Freemint boards 🛹

Suffice to say, brace yourself for an amazing week ahead.
Now, on to the dev:


Yes! At long last here is a peek at the fresh emotes system coming to Realm. We know how important expressing oneself is when experiencing Realms and games together, and emotes are a great way of doing just that.

Here you can see a few players using some of the initial emotes, and of course we will be adding more to earn and purchase shortly!

This will also link into our new builder tool allowing builders to add custom NPCs to their Realms. Soon they, too, will be able to use animations and gestures adding to the value of this storytelling infrastructure for creators.

Check it out below, along with a small peek into one of the incredible Realms coming to HOVR at the end of next week — we cant wait for you to get in there for yourselves.

Nyooom — Sound FX of HOVR

With the release of HOVR approaching, here is a bit of Behind the Scenes of our work getting the awesome sounds of HOVRboards into the game. This is always an exciting part of the process, and really adds to the feel of a game.

We wanted the sound palette to be futuristic and fitting of the epic quality of the HOVR boards themselves, whilst also giving the environment of the HOVR tracks some distinctive sounds. All of the powerups also have their distinctive resonances, and really bring HOVR to life.

At the start of the clip you can see the basic sounds in Wwise — a professional game audio engine, and following on from that you can hear the integration working fully, with Wwise programatically changing the audio dependent on the speed of the HOVR board and the proximity to elements in the environment.

Notice some other cool features too, like cooldowns on Gravity Bombs and being able to stack multiple boosts and bombs

Check it out here:

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