Devlog #66 — Max Cooper & Rewards V2!

5 min readMar 13


Welcome to another devlog! Last week saw the launch of the HOVR questline — a mysterious journey into the world of HOVR to reclaim the Mainframe from the grasp of Swifti. If you haven’t jumped in yet make sure to be quick and claim your spot on Freemint whitelist with Magic Eden!

You can also catch the founders speaking here with Vemp Studios about all things Realm!

Now, on to the dev:

Max Cooper: Spectrum Experience

The launch of the Spectrum Experience took place on the 12th March and culminates an intricate process of creation between the world-known and respected audio visual artists, Max Cooper, and the Realm team to create something truly unique.

The REALM spatial audio experience maps each of the individual Atmos nodes to virtual emitters, allowing users to explore inside the track using headphones and augmented reality. Each node reacts individually to the Atmos spatial data the artist has programmed. By walking, flying and swimming around inside the virtual structure created by the music, the sound changes as users get closer to different visual elements. Every node is a different channel of the track, which gives a unique listening perspective each time.

Each node has visual characteristics which are programmed to react to the Atmos and sonic data it is receiving. Users are essentially mixing the track in their own unique way, similar to how they’d play a video game. This combines to create a truly unique, experiential listening experience that puts the listener in control of their own customised experience, allowing them to connect with Atmos mixed music in new ways.

Max said the following about the collaboration:

“I’ve worked a lot with spatial audio over the years, and have been wondering for a long time how I could integrate this work with wider virtual environments. REALM has provided the first opportunity to directly map my recent Dolby Atmos album project with String and Tins studio, to a public virtual space.

We can see, and hear, my music, as a living 3-dimensional entity which can be explored as sounds and structures immerse us. I’ve always worked with spatial audio in this way, imagining what each piece of music would be if it were a living 3-dimensional entity, and now these structures which were created for audio can be experienced in their fully embodied form. This is the first time a physical space has been built from a piece of music as far as I’m aware, so I’m excited to explore the conversation between space and sound to see where it can go.”

The awesome creative and technical team here at Realm are proud to have been part of something truly original; working alongside one of the greats, and we can’t wait to expand the robust spatial audio engine they’ve created into more Dolby Atmos tracks with Max and other artists.

You can check the experience out right now and find the first unique collectible artwork 🖼 from the collaboration!

Stay tuned for more details on a fresh questline throughout the experience which unlocks a unique collectible for every track on the album ‘Unspoken Words’ by Max Cooper!

Check out a video of the experience here:

And get stuck in for yourself here:

Rewards V2

With all the excitement around recent launches in Realm this is a great time to give a peek into the awesome Rewards V2 system that’s now in the final stages of QA. Now more than ever is a great time to start earning in Realm, and with this new app and web UI we are really ramping up the gamification and information available to players so they can monitor the fruits of their labour more effectively.

Here you see the slick new in-app UI at work with a whole host of awesome features:

Let’s break down what we’re looking at here:

New Rewards Screen

Gone is the super flat muted grey colour scheme, replaced by a playful and exciting design that encourages adventure! Notice significant upgrades to the ranking component — you can now see your % in more easily understandable ways such as ‘Bottom 20%’ or ‘Top 40%’ — but even more importantly if you’re in the top 50 you can see your actual Rank in real-time! It’s now possible for the elite amongst you to battle it out for the #1 spot each day and claim the 👑

We’ve also shown a handy view of when the day resets, and refreshed the rest of the UI.


You can also view your stats in some awesome charts 📊- these show your rewards history and your breakdown of achievements to get your rewards. These are XP, Referral XP and Vault, and will make it much clearer for players to figure out how to maximise their rewards. These are all filterable by day / week / month for additional clarity!


The final upgrade here is the referrals view — this awesome new feature allows you to see who you’ve successfully referred and how much XP they’ve earned that day. Remember that this feeds into your rewards calculation so if one of your referrals is slacking you can tap the ‘nudge’ button to send them a notification to play with you! This will then lead them directly to the realm you are in, or if you’re not online at the time straight into your profile. Very neat!

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