Devlog #68 —Sharing Deeplinks & Debug Mode!

3 min readMar 28


Greetings and welcome to the 68th Realm Devlog! We’re excited to bring you an update on the latest happenings within our platform’s development.
Over the past week, our team member Matt attended the Game Developers Conference (GDC) to connect with industry professionals and expand Realm’s network of partners.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the launch of HOVR FreeMint with Magic Eden. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out at!

As always, we invite you to catch up on the Founders AMA here.

V2 Rewards
We are proud to announce that V2 rewards are set to release next week and will feature a vast array of improvements. Most notably, any accrued rewards not credited since launch will be reconciled and ready to claim in the new claims system that unlocks 1/13th every month. Stay tuned for more information on the exact timing of this launch.

Now, let’s dive into the development updates:

Sharing Deeplinks

We’ve been having productive conversations with our builder community and are excited to announce that the ability to share deeplinks straight to a realm you’ve created is now available!

Creators can jump into the app, hit “Share Public Link” on their own realm, and share it automatically or copy the link. This link will then lead the user directly to their Realm, or if the user doesn’t have the app installed, they can install it and be taken there automatically. Furthermore, these links will also preserve the referral code of the person sharing, adding to their rewards!

Check out this video of a user grabbing some links and sharing them:

Advanced Debug Mode

We’re always looking to optimize and improve the platform’s performance. To achieve this, we’ve designed a new debug mode that gives an in-depth picture of the processes and performance a user is experiencing at any one time.

This includes their frame rate, the number of connected players to their instance, and details of any resource or networking process that may be using resources at that time.

Here you can see the debug mode being enabled and the ‘HOVR Lab’ running at a stable 59–60fps on an iPhone 12 Pro.

While this tool is currently internal-only, we will be publishing a more user-friendly version that shows FPS and a few other metrics that will be used for identifying any issues from the community and for us to optimize the platform for an even wider range of devices!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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