Devlog #70 — Retro HOVR Board Freemint Takeover!

5 min readApr 10


The 70th Devlog is a big one — and our Retro HOVR boards Freemint tomorrow on Magic Eden is taking over!

This article will run you through all the details on the Freemint collection featuring six fresh variants ranging from Common to Legendary.

With only #1111 Retro HOVR Boards available, competition is going to be fierce. The mint will take place in two phases on Tuesday April 11th, so make sure to check the details below, prepare and set your alarm.

But before we dive into the details of this super limited Retro Collection,
our CEO and Founder Matthew Larby took part in an awesome roundtable with Magic Eden, PolygonBoyz and Unstoppable.nft to discuss the future of Blockchain Gaming industry. If you missed it, make sure to check it out here.

Now, lets take a look at this incredible collection dropping Tomorrow;

Retro HOVR Boards Collection

The long-awaited FREEMINT of the Retro Boards is finally here. These exclusive boards take players on a nostalgic ride, bringing back the memories of classic hoverboards with a modern twist. The Retro HOVR Board has been designed to be a perfect blend of old-school and new-school. The board features a sleek design and vibrant colors that make it stand out.

Don’t let the retro appearance of these boards fool you — they are equipped with the latest in-game anti-gravity technology. The 4 anti-grav plates provide lift and propulsion for a smooth and exhilarating ride throughout the HOVR Realm. Get ready to race against other players and earn exclusive in-game rewards across epic courses set to launch in May.

Got the ‘Carbon’ variant? You’re already ahead in the game! It’s exclusively for those who completed the HOVR questline before Sunday 00.00 UTC.

The Freemint features 6 fresh variants — ranging from Common to Legendary. Lets take a closer look at the boards in the super limited Retro Collection:


Introducing the ultimate status symbol of the Retro collection — the Legendary Gold Retro HOVR board. This legendary piece is constructed entirely of pure 22 carat gold, making it the ultimate statement piece for those who love a little bling in their lives.

But be warned — with its smaller chance of dropping, this board is going to be a coveted item. If you’re ready to own the ultimate in luxury and style, the Retro Gold Edition is unrivalled!


Experience the ultimate in style and sophistication with “Swirl” — the Rare edition Retro HOVR board that’s as sleek as it is street. Featuring a trendy blue and grey colorway, Swirl is the perfect ride for anyone looking to make a statement on the streets. So why settle for ordinary when you can stand out from the crowd?


Simply titled ‘X’ this retro classic is sure to lead you to glory in the arenas of HOVR. This awesome retro board will take your HOVR game to the next level. With sleek lines and a timeless design, this classic board is the perfect fusion of form and function. Whether you’re looking to master the latest tricks or blaze a trail through the competition, X has got you covered. So strap in, grab your helmet, and get ready to fly!


‘Tag’ is the ultimate Retro HOVR board for graffiti aficionados. This Rare edition board is inspired by the legends of the urban art scene and is designed to help you leave your own unique stamp on the world. With its sleek lines and eye-catching design, Tag is the perfect ride for anyone looking to take their street art game to the next level. So grab your spray cans and hit the streets in style, leaving a trail of fresh paint and envy in your wake!


Introducing “Dreams” — the retro hoverboard that’ll take you back to the future! With a vibrant green base and edgy pink graffiti, this board is a blast from the past that’ll have you cruising through the streets in style.


This flamingo number screams retro vibes, and is the common variant of the Retro collection that still packs a punch. With its bold pink color and retro design, this board oozes vintage cool and is sure to turn heads wherever you ride. Whether you’re cruising down the boardwalk or tearing up the streets, this board is the perfect ride for anyone looking to make a statement.

In spite of it’s Common status the Retro collection is extremely limited at only 1,111 pieces. Given that the whitelist is heavily oversubscribed this board is sure to be a coveted piece of technology and will stand out from the crowd on the HOVR tracks!

The Mint

The mint takes place on the 11th April in 2 phases:

3PM UTC: The Tier 1 mint kicks off and is exclusively accessible by those that have attained the level of HOVR champions (level 3). Make sure to be there with your wallet loaded with Matic from 3PM to secure your mint!

5PM UTC: The Tier 2 mint kicks off featuring all those who whitelisted on Magic Eden. Competition is going to be extremely intense!

We recommend having your wallet loaded with Matic and ready to go bang on 5PM to avoid disappointment!

Head over to Magic Eden for the mint here:

Whats Next?

The Retro HOVR Board FreeMint has been a huge hit, and it’s possible that some of you may not be able to get your hands on one during the initial release. But fret not, as you can always find it on the secondary market over at Magic Eden.

And, exciting news alert — we have a major HOVR-related announcement coming your way this week! Head over to HOVR.GG and stay tuned for more HOVR excitement following this he mint!

See you on Tuesday April 11th at the FreeMint Drop on Magic Eden
🔜 Mark your calendars, Mint details;
HOVR Quest Mint starts at 3pm UTC
ME Whitelist Mint starts at 5pm UTC

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