Devlog #71 — Emotes in Camera Mode & Builder Ads!

4 min readApr 17, 2023


Welcome to Devlog 71!

As our marketing campaigns gain momentum, we are becoming more confident in our ability to reach new audiences. With each wave we make with our marketing strategies, we see a real impact on our growth.

A quick rundown of recent events before we dive into the devlog:

✅ Our Discord community has tripled in size to over 40,000 members and is still growing. Our hardworking community managers have done great - always being available to answer questions and welcome all these new members. Join us here;

✅ We gained over 7,000 new followers on Twitter, bringing our total to almost 66,000. We continue to see engagement grow as we take action.
Join us on Twitter here;

✅ Our FreeMint with Magic Eden sold out in just 30 seconds! We received a whopping 24,000 submissions for our 1,111 boards, which is 10 times the usual norm! Missed out on the Mint? Get your HOVR Retro Board on the Magic Eden Secondary Market here;

✅ We had the highest conversion rate of actual Realm downloads, session time, and counts. This is in connection with HOVR and the retro boards.

✅ We implemented quest-based marketing, resulting in a 300% increase in engagement within the Realm app.

You can also check out the AMA from the founders here, where we dive into some community questions, back- end operations and the future of the Realm platform in general.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the awesome features coming out of the dev team this week!

Pose for the camera!

Emotes are a fantastic way to express yourself and connect with others in the Realm virtual world. We’ve seen players use them to show off their achievements, convey emotions, and just have fun with friends.

Ever since we launched our emotes feature its been a common request to enable this in photo mode for sharing to stories and social media.

We’ve listened to this feedback and built just that! You can now use emotes within photo mode to capture the essence of your feelings in your stories. But we’re not stopping there! We’re already working on adding even more emotes to the mix, so stay tuned for even more ways to express yourself in the many worlds of Realm.

We can’t wait to see these appear in your stories throughout the many worlds of Realm!

Ads in Builder Tools!

This one’s a big one for creators— we’re excited to announce that we’ve conducted the final reviews of our integration with one of the biggest providers of in-game advertising — Bidstack! This is a major milestone and has been a long process of integrating complex SDKs within Realm’s platform in order to bring dynamic advertising within 3D spaces.

This is a relatively new field and we are one of the first entrants to deploy this in a mobile open world context. As ever when you are pushing boundaries, there are a number of complex challenges to overcome. For instance, advertisers want detailed data around the amount of screen real estate an ad occupies for it to be counted as an ‘impression’, and the metrics received by advertisers have to match the game worlds from the app precisely. This is no small feat, but we are super proud to be imminently launching this feature.

Whilst we’ve been busy building this out for the app, we have also been hard at work integrating Ads into the builder tools as well. Here we showcase a builder/creator taking an ‘Ad’ smart object and positioning some of the various formats into their Realm. They then hit the ‘Play’ button and jump directly in to check on their placement.

We can’t wait to get this major milestone launched and to give our creators the ability to start monetising via ads.

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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