Devlog #73 — Laser Beams & HOVR UI!

3 min readMay 1


Welcome to the 73rd Devlog and another exciting update on what the team have been working on this week.

As usual you can catch the founders AMA here for an update on the direction of the business with some insights into all the AI work the team has been undertaking lately. We’re gearing up to show this work to the world in the coming weeks and are sure that it will cause quite a stir — it truly is another level!

This week the team merged HOVR into the production game builds which is a big step towards getting it into the hands of testers and the general public. We’re also making preparations for the elite mint and some unique gamification is on the way as well as some unique airdrops. A quick hint: holding multiple retro boards will be a great help for qualifying for these rewards! You can pick them up here:

Also, stay tuned for Episode One of the Realm Academy tutorial series — dropping this week! This super useful guide for anyone who wants to build but hasn’t quite figured out the Realm platform’s toolset is sure to get you creating your first world in no time.

Now, lets check out the updates!

Laser Beams!

We’ve been working away behind the scenes to bring even more excitement to the tracks! This time in the form of some truly awesome additional features on the HOVR tracks.

Here we can see a number of different types of laser beam that will heavily impact your position in a race — requiring skill and timing to navigate successfully. When combined with the gravity bombs and boosts that are found throughout the tracks, the opportunity for skillfull play and outsmarting one’s opponents increases dramatically.

A well placed gravity bomb could easily cause players to hit a laser, for instance, and we can’t wait to see the skill gap develop as players compete for their share of the weekly HOVR rewards and airdrops!


We’re also refreshing the in-race UI for HOVR, wiith a more futuristic and exciting aesthetic that accomodates all the awesome current and future features of the HOVR game.

Here we’re demostrating the new speed, lap count and position UI, as well as the epic countdown effects for the Gravity Bomb and Boost elements. Notice that its now possible to stack multiple of these powerups, and once deployed there is a neat countdown until they can be deployed again!

We’ve also upgraded the appearance of the on-track item pickups, as well as boost animations and other visual improvements — the game and UI are really looking top notch so well done to the team!

Check it out here:

Also notice the dope Carbon Retro board the player is riding — this can be earned through completing the HOVR quest, and there are also some cooler and rarer options also available right now on Magic Eden.

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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