Devlog #74: Custom 3D Models & In-Game Stores

2 min readMay 8, 2023

Hi there and welcome to another exciting update from the Realm developers!

The last week saw the launch of the first Realm Academy tutorial series episode — check it out here:

Congrats to Arty on the fantastic tutorial and stay tuned for the next episode dropping soon, taking you deeper into the builder tool and employing numerous tricks to achieve the best results!

You can also catch the Founders AMA here for some intel on upcoming features.

Now, lets check the dev:

Custom Builder Models!

An eagerly anticipated feature from our amazing builder community, custom 3D models in the builder tools are almost here. Just drop in the URL of your model, set the scale and rotation, and voila!

This initial version of custom models allows builders to place individual objects within their Realm — and we can’t wait to see all the innovative ways in which our builder community hacks this feature to create weird and wonderful things! For instance, you can create an asset in Blender, upload it to a server and add the URL to add it to your scene — or take the URL of an NFT GLB hosted on IPFS and add that directly into your realm.

Check out adding a spinning Retro HOVRboard in the video below, and remember you can pick up your very own retro HOVRboard over at Magic Eden here:

In-Game Stores

Another big feature thats dropping soon is the in-game stores that use in-game currency bought via in-app payments.

Here we can see a trails store in the Metropolis that allows players to buy and equip fancy trails for their avatar. These stores will also be the home for custom HOVR trails and all sorts of other items soon!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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