Devlog #75 —AI Agents & Platforms Upgrade

3 min readMay 15


Welcome to the 75th Realm Devlog! This week we’ve got some super cool updates, including a peek behind the scenes of an AI game!

Meanwhile the second episode of Realm Academy dropped — check it out below to learn how to use verticality in your Realms! Nice work Arty :)

You can also catch the founders AMA as usual here:

Now, let’s get stuck in:

AI Agent Games

As we’ve mentioned lately we’ve been doing some groundbreaking work on AI agents — building an entirely new type of game where the player must collaborate with autonomous AI characters to solve problems.

Not only that, but you can define the character of the AIs before the game starts! Imagine trying to get off a desert island with Kanye West and Elon Musk — this is all possibe with Realm AI Games!

We have a whole host of amazing uses for this development — and our team have done an truly excellent job to create this technology — proof once again that Realm is capable of amazing things development wise. Our team has already created unique implementations of generative agents in order to give NPCs a shared context and agency to act autonomously within our 3D worlds. This enables them to simulate arbitrary characters with their own unique personality, whilst being given a constantly updated “perception” informing them about their current environment and any events that have happened in it.

This results in emergent behavior of agents communicating about environmental problems (Which items do we need to achieve X? Who should be doing what?) and then acting out their planned actions. Any such scenario keeps the player directly in the loop, with agents reacting to player behavior as they would to that of other agents.

In the spirit of keeping this development open, we are sharing a demo here of an internal dev build — one which is all set in a 2D plane (next week it will be 3D with full avatars).

First, the player sets up the characters in the game — in this case a famous pirate and Orlando Bloom. Then we jump into the desert island, where the characters must explore and figure out a way together to survive and get off the island. You can see the characters moving around of their own choice to different points on the map, interacting with objects, AIs and players, and managing their inventory. We’ve also added logs of their actual thought processes, as well as of our cutting edge ‘volition voting’ system which we will provide more details on in a later update.

Check it out here!

Moving Platform Upgrade

For a while now we have been creating the Realm builder ‘Component System’, which features a great many improvements to the abilities of creators to build complex worlds and multiplayer matches.

During this process we’ve made an upgrade to moving platforms that allows them to rotate across all axes and retain the player on them. This will have loads of potential for creating more dynamic paths and routes with platforms, and opens up a world of possibility for builders.

Check them out in action below!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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