Devlog #78 — Custom 3D Imports & Realm Academy Ep 5!

3 min readJun 5


Hi there and welcome to the 78th Devlog!

This week saw the release of V2 Rewards with many players who have been grinding since release receiving significant rewards for their efforts — congrats and thank you for your dedication! You can read more about this in the how-to guide here.

As usual you can also listen again to the Founders AMA here.

Meanwhile, the team has been focussing heavily on the builder tools — lets jump into the updates:

Custom Model Imports

Since we announced that custom models would be importable into the builder tools, we’ve been working hard to improve the feature to allow builders to do bigger and better things with custom models.

Here we are happy to showcase a couple of ways in which the feature works — firstly, builders can import individual models and place them within their scenes, choosing the scale, position and allowing them to spin on their axis. This is perfect for showing off unique 3D statues and items — check it out here:

Secondly, we’ve adjusted the settings to allow builders to import much bigger objects and automatically set collisions so that they form an entire explorable space. In the video below we demonstrate the ability to create a whole world in blender, export it, host it on a cloud hosting service and import the entire thing to your realm! The builder tool automatically detects the floors and walls of the imported model, allowing players to run around inside the 3D space that has been created — super cool right!

Check it out here:

This feature can be found in the latest builder release that is LIVE NOW!

Realm Academy Episode 5

The next episode of the awesome Realm Academy series is here! As usual, Arty serves up a super informative video, this time focussing on the scatter tool.

You can learn how to quickly and easily add variation and interest to your realms using the scatter tool — which even works on uneven terrain such as slopes and hills! This amazing tool randomly places a certain object such as grass or other objects and you can vary paramaters such as the size and density of the scattered objects.

Make sure to follow along with the tutorial to take your worlds to the next level — and remember, the Realm Builder tool is free to download and use!

Check the video out here:

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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