Devlog #84 —Minimal Villa Build & Realm Academy Ep. 9!

2 min readJul 17


Welcome to Devlog 84! This week the team have been working on a large number of performance improvements, UX enhancements and bug fixes throughout the huge suite of technology that comprises the Realm platform. We’ve solved issues with rewards, player controller bugs, matchmaking stability improvements and deployed the popularity search we demonstrated last week to QA for testing — not bad for a weeks work!

Alongside this we’ve also been focussing on the builder, something you can hear being discussed in the Founders AMA here.

Lets check out what the team have been doing with the Realm builder — from a Minimal Villa build to a brand new Realm Academy tutorial episode.

The Serene Villa

First things first, relax your mind and dive into the build of this amazing villa:

While we’re diligently preparing the next builder release, packed with numerous bug fixes and a bunch of other enhancements, we decided to create a serene haven for minimalists — an exquisite dream villa situated amidst the vast expanse of the virtual ocean.

This archipelago not only serves as an idyllic retreat but could also act as a central portal hub, connecting you to other realms. By simply stepping onto one of the platforms, you’ll be whisked away to one of the nearby a portals, which makes it a good example of how you can construct a realm that fits the brief for the first week of the upcoming builder challenge.

Realm Academy Episode 9

The latest installment of the Realm Academy tutorial series explains the details of how to place portals in your Realms. These portals can lead to any other world you have created, meaning you can create a whole series of worlds and curate a journey or quest for players.

Learn how to do this by checking out this tutorial — it’ll come in handy for the builder rewards programme dropping soon!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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