Devlog #85: Real Time Building & Realm Academy Ep.10!

3 min readJul 31, 2023

Welcome to Devlog 85! Its been a busy few weeks here at Realm with lots of milestones being achieved by the dev team. Not least, the rewards payout system has been thoroughly refactored and is functioning perfectly — ensuring every player who earns XP in Realm also earns tokens for their hard work!

Alongside this we’ve got huge game data releases with tons of bug fixes coming up this week, as well as a shiny new app build — lets go!

Lets check out some fresh development in the builder tools, as well as another awesome Academy episode.

Real Time Building

Virtual worlds pose a fascinating question: How will they evolve, and how will we inhabit them? It’s a real challenge to cater to the diverse desires of our users. Some seek excitement in racing, while others crave exploration. Some love building, while others prefer consuming experiences crafted by others. People have varying attention spans, from the microscopic to the yearning for deep immersion. Social inclinations also differ, with some preferring to be lone wolves and others seeking community and teamwork.

At Realm, we continuously explore the potential of virtual worlds and invest time in understanding our users’ needs, incorporating essential features based on their feedback. Taking occasional pauses to reflect on our achievements and determine future focuses is vital to spearheading this movement. As we work on the upcoming builder release and the eagerly anticipated Hovr racing season, we want to revisit a feature that excited us over a year ago and which has serious potential: real-time builder realm editing.

This means that when a builder makes changes to their Realm and saves it, it changes the world for all those playing in real time! We are also just putting the finishing touches on a mode where the builder can also see all the players inside their realm in real-time, enabling some super interesting player dynamics.

Imagine a concept inspired by the gamemakers in the Hunger Games, capable of transforming players’ environments dynamically. Now, envision combining this ability with voice typing and expressive emotes. Gather with friends, armed with scripts, and consider the possibilities. What kind of immersive game or role-playing experience could you craft? Welcome to the world of Virtual Theatre.

Check out this awesome video of two players finding themselves inside a living film set, and the appearance of strange objects in real time — encouraging exploration and giving the sense that the creator is watching over them!

Realm Academy Episode 10

In this episode learn how to add NPCs to your worlds and give them dialogue and custom appearances — all with a few clicks!

Character design is a super important part of any game or world creation, and Realm’s builder tools make it super simple to do just that! Check out this video and we look forward to meeting all the awesome characters in your Realms!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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