Devlog #86: Creator Rewards & Realm Academy Ep.11!

3 min readAug 7


Welcome to the 86th Realm Devlog; a unique weekly window into the development of the Realm platform!

This week we’ve got some big updates for the creative community, and have been working behind the scenes on some major app and builder tool releases as well. The latest game data release also contains a massive refactor and bug roundup.

You can also catch the latest founders AMA here!

Creator Rewards

Ever since we launched the pioneering Player Engagement Programme for rewarding players for their time, creators have been desperate for rewards of their own for their effort creating all the awesome worlds within Realm.

The team have been crafting this feature diligently, with the backend calculations well underway. The rewards will use the same system as the player rewards, and creators will receive extra rewards based on the popularity of thier creations.

The front end teams have also been integrating the feature, and you will soon notice a new column in your reward stats in the app and on the web (we also fixed the charts on web while we were at it!)— ready for the backend to plug in and start rewarding builders.

Here you can see the app featuring the new creator rewards column — pretty cool right! We can’t wait to start rewarding the awesome creators building on the Realm platform.

Realm Academy: Procedurally Generated Worlds!

The 11th episode of the Realm Academy series takes an in depth look at the relatively unknown feature of procedurally generated terrain.

This feature has been out for some time and shows that the Realm team were already implementing Machine Learning into the builder tools long before the current rush by tech companies towards ML and AI.

The tool allows you to create a terrain using a random seed, and is a super quick way to get an interesting base layer for your creations. in this tutorial Arty shows you how to arrive at a generation you are happy with, and how to incorporate colours and levels into generations.

Check it out here!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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