Devlog #90 — Matchmaking Smart Objects & Importing Collisions

3 min readSep 5


Welcome to the 90th Realm devlog — a crazy milestone I’m sure you will agree. Thanks for being here for the past 90 weeks of continuous updates (and many of you for the months before we even began writing this devlog!).

We’ve created a great deal in this time and to this date there is no comparable tool on the market to create and publish such complex experiences to mobile devices so easily with 0 code — an insane achievement!

Now lets crack on with the updates!

Matchmaking Smart Objects

As most of you know ‘Smart Objects’ are at the core of the Realm builder and are key in making sure that the Realm platform is incredibly user friendly and employs a ‘no code’ philosophy. Smart Objects are objects that represent advanced functions and create the necessary code for the user — pretty neat!

In this video we are showing the new custom matchmaking smart object which allows users to create their own ‘Lobby’ realms and link them to racecourses or other competitive courses they have built. This matchmaking object then automatically creates an entier custom match instance with players who are trying to join — all with 0 code!

I’m sure you will agree that nothing else on the market even comes close to allowing this level of flexibility or custom minigame server creation!

Check it out here:

Realm Academy: Collisions & Blender

In this 15th Episode of the awesome Realm Academy series we get a little more technical — showing you how to use Blender to import custom models and how to automatically set up collisions in the engine so that players cannot walk through imported objects.

This is extremely important if you want to import objects that might be say a wall or a floor, or even a racetrack section.

Its awesome to see this series progress to the more advanced techniques to create truly unique spaces in Realm — using Blender and the awesome open source 3D software community to bring to life custom 3D assets in unique mobile games — keep building!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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