Devlog #92–3D Model Preview Edit Mode & BIG bugfix release

3 min readSep 19, 2023


Welcome to Devlog 92! We’ve been working away on some reported issues with the Rewards claim system and hope to have a resolution live by next week — stay tuned for more info! Meanwhile players are still earning handsome amounts for their time, so get stuck in if you haven’t already!

In other news, some of the big changes we’ve been making to the app are just about to be released! See the bottom of this article for more info there.

And we’ve been making some super impactful changes to the builder tools and are busy packaging up the next major realease!

Lots to look forward to, awesome Realm community! In the meantime, lets get stuck into the dev:

3D Model Preview and Edit

This development is super exciting for the more advanced builders out there: Introducing 3D Model Edit Mode!

This awesome mode allows you to input a 3D model URL, preview it in the builder, and change the scale to fit your creation.

This provides a ton of opportunities for using multiple models to create customised shapes and spaces, all edited within the builder — super cool right!

Check it out in action below adding the walls on this dreamy little pavillion:

Major App Release

We’ve been preparing for a while to release this major overhaul of the game data which fixes a ton of bugs and implements a lot of awesome features. This has been a long time coming due to the expansive nature of the changes and the fact that it crosses over between React Native, the Backend and the Game Data.

We’re happy to announce that the final version is in approval with Apple right now and will be released imminently.

Here’s an overview of whats been fixed and implemented:


  • Realm Builder Live Instances
  • Builder Google Login (SIWG)
  • Crash on fall realms fixed
  • Live building issue fixed
  • Some bugs, errors and warnings fixed on the builder
  • Clones spawn on Benchmarking
  • Fun category updated by a new module (Easter egg)
  • Numerous bugs & errors:

Viewport texture issue fixed


XPRewards error fixed

Error on RacePositon fixed

Blob shadow error fixed

Overlap threshold warning fixed

PubSub removed and replaced with Resource approach event aggregator

Coordinator fixed

Realm Builder + Loot spawn point

Fall lobby and realms (Don’t Fall)

Some errors on touch controls fixed

Input system clean up and error fixes

Mobile controls fixed

Desktop controls fixed

NPCs fixed

Leaderboard issue with realm ids fixed

Improvements to Moving platform, picture frame, video frame, leaderbaord, powerups


  • Add support for live instances in the builder
  • Add support for Google Login (SIWG)
  • Multiple errors and warnings fixed

We cant wait for you guys to start playing the much improved app!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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