Devlog #93: HOVR Course Builder & Custom Match Creation

3 min readSep 26


Welcome to Devlog 93! In the last week the team have released a huge game update with many bug fixes, which we mentioned in last week’s devlog.

We are also happy to announce that a new Realm Builder Suite version is available now on! This release features many quality of life and bug fixes, ready for the next huge release that features custom matches, course building and more!

You can also catch up with the founders Fornightly AMA here as usual!

Now to the updates:

HOVR Course Building

As we approach the ability for users to utilise their Retro HOVR boards anywhere in the metaverse, (don’t forget to grab yours on Magic Eden here) we’re also cooking up some awesome tools to create custom matches to play with your friends.

Here you can see the brand new HOVR module packs in the Realm Builder Suite, putting together an insanely cool course and previewing it all within the builder tools. Super cool right! Get ready to create some mind bending courses to ride on, combined with all the other awesome elements and custom models you can import your imagination can go wild with course creation!

Check it out here!

Custom Match Creation

As we’ve been threading the needle for the final stages of custom match creation we’ve enjoyed keeping you up to date with how that’s going in the Devlogs.

Here we present the final piece of the puzzle — the ability to choose from a dropdown of your owned ‘race type’ realms and select them before creating the matchmaking object that can allow players from all over the world to jump into the same custom match together — pretty damn cool!

Here you can see the builder create a small Lobby realm, select their test track as the multiplayer match target, and then jump in to test it works all from within the builder! These custom matchmaking setups have been complex to create and remove a ton of complexity from builders — game devs will know how much work servers and matchmaking are!

This is just one of the many ways in which Realm is abstracting the complexities of game development and allowing your creativity to run wild in creating awesome multiplayer experiences!

Check it out here:

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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