Devlog #95 — Wallet Connect and Buildcraft!

3 min readOct 10


Welcome to the 95th installment of the Realm Devlog! As usual there’s been much going on behind the scenes of your favourite mobile gaming platform, including working on riding HOVR boards throughout the realms, refining rewards code, creating new gametypes, and putting the finishing touches on the builder release with matchmaking included — a busy week for sure!

And as usual you can catch the bi-weekly founders AMA here!

Now, lets jump into the dev:

Wallet Connect Upgrade

This one isnt the most obviously impactful upgrade, but it is nonetheless no small feat in development terms and in terms of functionality.

For some time now we’ve had the occasional report of users having issues connecting their chosen wallet to the Realm app — a significant cause of friction even though rewards are actually unaffected and accrue as normal.

In order to fix this we had to undertake the large task of replacing the now deprecated version of Wallet Connect we had used with a new version that had a significantly altered architecture. This presented a number of challenges but is now complete and ready to integrate into the main application.

Below you can see the new flow in action, complete with additional wallet options and UX improvements:

Now get ready to connect your favourite wallet and start playing!

Builcraft: Modular Biomes

This episode of the new ‘Buildcraft’ series is actually a behind the scenes recording from Episode 4 of ‘Realm Academy’.

This video is particularly useful becuase it uses solely stock modules and elements from within the builder tool to quickly create a number of visually distinct ‘biomes’ or habitats within one space. We felt it was useful to include at this stage because not all of you will want to become familiar with Sketchfab and Blender and start importing your own assets.

You can see how quickly and easily you can create unique spaces without the need for external assets of complex imports and coding. This whole build took under 30 minutes, and you can see it here sped up to under 4 minutes!

Notice the importnace of colour palettes, the scatter tool for creating decorations, and of terrain for giving a varied feel to a biome.

Check it out here:

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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