Devlog #96 — Crescents Awaken, Pixel Kitties

3 min readOct 17


Welcome to Devlog 96! This week we’ve been working on some super cool festive surprises that are coming your way, as well as applying retroactive rewards for August!

We’ve also just released the latest version of the Realm builder tool — version 0.3.1! This features the live custom model preview and editor we annouced a few weeks ago — making more advanced building way more intuitive. You can download the latest version here:

Now lets check out some dev:

Crescents Awaken!

With the expansion of our builder tools and the capability for our users to link custom GLB models, it’s time to revisit land in the Metropolis. It’s been a long-anticipated moment, but we’ve always intended to fulfill our promise. This marks the beginning of the Crescent.

We’ve started blocking out the environment for the initial Crescent cluster. Utilizing Godot’s CSG objects, we can mock up individual components and immediately engage with them using our avatars to evaluate the overall scale, routes, and vistas. Once we’re satisfied with the overall layout, the blockout model will be exported to Blender for texturing and light baking, resulting in a stunning world.

Every user will receive a designated area where they can position portals to a builder realm of their choice and also directly link a GLB model with their chosen objects and artwork. This represents the first opportunity for landowners to customize a realm outside of the builder. Additionally, we’ll provide landowners with a blockout version of the Crescent, enabling them to test their GLBs within the context of their specific land plot in the Crescent. We also hope that users who are not familiar with Blender or other 3D software can collaborate with other community members to populate their lots.

See below for a sneak peak into the process involved in bringing the Crescent to life:

Pixel Art

The latest edition of ‘Buildcraft’ is a nod to pixel art and minecraft style games. Here we see an awesome pixel Kitty with a halloween vibe created from scratch in the builder tool!

Its great to see how versatile the builder can be, whether its creating awesome block based art and environments like this or adding complex custom models and gamification!

Stay tuned for next week’s special edition build too — its a good one!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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