Devlog #97 — Spooky Season — Quest & Realm of the Dead

3 min readOct 24


Welcome to devlog 97! This week we’re making a tribute to all things strange and spooky and introducing a few fun Halloween themed things to Realm!

As usual you can also listen to the fortnightly founders ama here, and be sure to get your questions ready for next time!

All Hallow’s Ritual

Some of you may have noticed a new quest marker appearing in the app this morning… this eerie skull icon signifies a new seasonal event for players:

Embark on a spine-chilling Halloween quest to unravel eerie mysteries and haunted challenges, as you navigate the shadowy realms to unlock the secrets of the ancient All Hallows’ Eve ritual.

The All Hallow’s Ritual begins with a spooky encounter with a shadowy figure called ‘Plague’:

In this season of shadows and whispers, I seek candles and skulls to invoke the spirits. Retrieve them from the Realm of the Dead and throughout the realms, for the dead crave their flickering glow.

In return, I offer you a chariot of pumpkin, swift as the wind, for a race to stir the night’s thrill. — Plague

We’ll leave the rest up for you to discover, and upon successful completion you will receive the Pumpkin Gilded Chariot:

A legendary racing vehicle, the Pumpkin Gilded Chariot is a symbol of swiftness and opulence.

With its golden frame adorned by haunting engravings and an otherworldly propulsion system, this coveted chariot is earned only through the perilous Halloween quest.

Beware the challenges and specters that stand in your way as you seek this treasured relic — a prize reserved for the boldest adventurers in the realm. Master the art of control, for in your hands, this golden marvel transforms into a blazing comet, leaving a trail of fiery autumn leaves and awe in its wake.

Check out this awesome teaser below:

Good luck and enjoy the Halloween Season!

The Realm of the Dead

Alongside the questline, our builder ambassador Arty has been busy creating an awesome Spooky Realm — The Realm of the Dead!

This realm is an amazing showcase of all the rapid improvements that have taken place in the builder tools — utilising all the latest and greatest features to craft a truly awesome looking world.

For instance, there are multiple custom 3D meshes in the world, alongside awesome characters using NPC creation!

To think that Realm allows users to do all this for free and publish for anyone to explore is pretty awesome — we’ve been the first to market with a mobile product for quite a long time and are super proud of this achievement.

Enjoy exploring and check out this awesome timelapse of the build process behind The Realm of the Dead:

You can enter The Realm of the Dead via ‘Creators’ in the app and shortly via a portal in the brand new All Hallows’ Metropolis!

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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